A majority of all crime at retail outlets, malls and offices occurs in the parking lot. Surveillance cameras offer many benefits to parking lot security. Parking lots are very unique in their security needs with risks for both customers and owners. A professional video CCTV system helps to protect customers and your property while providing a piece of mind. Let look at some the key benefits for Security Cameras for Parking Lots.

Parking Garage CCTV Benefits

Theft Prevention – Parking lots are easy targets for thieves. With hundreds or cars and personal property ripe for the taking, its no wonder parking lots are a prime target . Having security cameras installed in visible locations will help deter criminals from attempting to break into cars while also helping law enforcement to properly identify criminals who actually follow through with the crime on your lot. Surveillance cameras also perform double duty by preventing the theft of store property such as, tables and chairs, shopping carts, landscaping, outdoor displays,, etc.

Company Image – Customers will shop where they feel safe and secure. Having peace of mind and a sense of safety keeps customers coming back and establishes a loyalty and sense of trust between your company and patrons.

Liability Claims – Parking lots will always have accidents, it’s inevitable. Whether it happens to be a slip, an accident, or vandalism, surveillance cameras help to avoid costly cases involving liability.

Remote Viewing – With new HD video camera systems you can easily monitor your parking lot or lots from anywhere in the world you have internet access. You can view live streams or even recorded video footage at any time without having to be on sight. You even have the option of receiving email alerts or push notifications if events occur to properly act quickly..

Surveillance Cameras in Parking Lots Risks

Video Disruption – Power surges or outages can destroy your security cameras or surveillance system. Inclement weather can also disrupt video recording. You should take proper precautions to make sure your cameras are properly protected.

Camera Theft – Criminals often see surveillance cameras themselves as targets for vandalism or theft. A damaged or stolen camera can make your parking lot susceptible to further criminal activity.

Parking Security Camera Configuration

Wholesale Surveillance CamerasThe first step in determining your parking lot surveillance needs is to understand what your parking lot lacks in security and what you want to accomplish with your system. Your security needs will depend on several key factors. You should consider the following:

  • What security threat do you worry most?
  • What security system do you have installed currently?
    • Surveillance is better used in conjunction with access control and lighting (security guards, gate operators, operating hours, etc)
  • Does your neighborhood contribute to your security threats?
  • Is your lot a typical parking lot or is it a parking structure?
  • What was your biggest security problem this past year?
  • What is the busiest time for your parking lot?
  • Do you have blind spots or limited visibility at your parking lot?

Parking Lot Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Cameras should be installed at all exits and entrances to ensure you capture each and every visitor who comes to your parking lot
  • We suggest that you use various cameras with different focal lengths so you may get the best possible coverage of your parking lot.

Surveillance Security Cameras for Parking Lots

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