Wide Dynamic Range – WDR

What is Wide Dynamic Range in Security Cameras?

Whenever a picture is incredibly dark but an alternate portion of the picture is really bright, you can’t see any specific details , that’s dynamic range. It’s the significant difference in lighting . Video cameras with WDR (wide dynamic range) possess unique software that permits them to stabilize that lighting for just one crystal clear image. That makes them perfect for recording locations like retail store entrances where the contrast between the sunlight outside and the dark lighting inside can be be extremely tough to record.

How does WDR – Wide Dynamic Range Work?

Video cameras experience problems with overexposed and underexposed images simply because they can only appropriately record the middle area of light between very bright and really dark . Surveillance cameras with WDR modern technology possess sophisticated sensors which could generate a wider range of lighting , enabling them to record in an increased lighting depth .

In addition to recording an increased range of lighting more precisely , WDR-enhanced surveillance cameras include a couple of alternative ways of leveling out light for far better images . Tone mapping permits the video camera or software to automatically brighten up darker areas and darken light areas .

Additionally, the video camera will take a number of photos of the scene at various exposure levels . This produces underexposed as well as overexposed identical images, which the video camera will merge . It will take the most well-balanced elements of both images , generating the recorded image you see. This process needs an exceptionally quick and light-sensitive image sensor, which is only obtainable on sophisticated professional cameras .

How does Wide Dynamic Range Help You?

CCTV cameras with wdr (wide dynamic range) are perfect for many complicated lighting situations:

  • Showrooms, lobbies and entrances with lots of windows where the contrast between indoor lighting and natural light cause dark and bright areas
  • Indoor monitoring and recording, those situations where light floods an area when a door opens and causes the person and their clothes to unrecognizable
  • Night recording, where cameras using no infrared may overexpose some spots while leaving other spots on the video dark

Consider the following before purchasing a WDR camera:

  • Can I balance the light? WDR is really only offered with professional security cameras and out of your budget, so it may be a better alternative to simply add or move lights to better balance your images
  • Can I use a different location for my camera? Sometimes windows and doorways supply way too much light to your cameras view, so it may be in your best interest to simply move an existing camera you already have to record from a different angle or position instead of installing a camera with WDR

If you simply cannot move the camera or add balanced lighting, a professional WDR camera may be perfect for you.

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