42 LED Bullet camera

HD security cameras are becoming increasingly more affordable and are packing more and more key features within a small price point. Consumers looking to purchase HD surveillance cameras will find a large variety of cameras available to them. Newer HD models like this HD-CVI Bullet Camera offer a wide variety of options and features while staying below $100. The HD-CVI camera offers 720p resolution, manual 2-12mm lens, 100 feet of infrared and transmits video over standard coax cable. You will have to connect HD-CVI cameras to an HD-CVI DVR to record your video feed.

Lets take a look at some of the key features this camera offers.

3 Axis Bracket

cvi bullet cable feed through bracket

The 3 axis bracket allows for easy adjustment and comes with cable feed through protection. The bracket allows for both ceiling and wall mount installation.

Lens Adjustment

Easy lens adjustment on cvi bullet camera

The HD-CVI bullet camera offers easy lens adjustment with the included tool. Simply move the adjustments left or right to zoom in or out and adjust the lens accordingly.

Sun Shade Adjustment

Sun Shade Adjustment CVI Bullet Camera

Use the same supplied tool to adjust the sun shade on the HD-CVI camera. Simply loosen the top knob and adjust the sun shade by sliding forward or backwards to the desired location.

Infrared Distance

CVI OSD Menu Adjustment

Located at the bottom of the camera is a simple LED adjustment dial and external monitor port. The external monitor port allows you to adjust the camera lens while installing the camera. The LED adjustment allows you to easily change the intensity of the infrared LEDs according to the distance you need.

The HD-CVI camera comes with the following accessories in the box.