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Security cameras are the perfect security solution for transportation security. Train stations, buses, trams, shuttles and subways with video surveillance help to protect innocent passengers from possible, crime and terrorist attacks and help to maintain a safe environment


Monitoring train stations, buses, cruise ships and airports is no easy task. CCTV Corp offers easy solutions that help you remotely monitor any location from anywhere in the world.

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The cameras in the HDIP system use the same cable for both power and video. Just turn on your recorder and connect your cameras and the system automatically begins recording. Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need to run separate wires to power the camera making installation quicker and simpler. Because Eclipse recorders have a built-in PoE switch, you can run your cable directly from the camera to the recorder without any additional equipment required.

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EMegapixall HDIP recorders capture IP video at 1080p. With a resolution six times higher than standard definition, it is the equivalent of upgrading your security video from VHS to Blu-ray™. Standard definition analog video has a resolution of 704 x 480 pixels. When shown on an HD monitor, each pixel has to be enlarged to six times its original size! The result is grainy video, even on high-definition displays. Both the cameras and recorders in the HDIP system are capable of 1080p high-definition video, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Every pixel is shown at its original size, and there is no grainy distortion--only crystal clear high-definition video.

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The suite of free mobile applications enables anytime, anywhere access to your video system. Users of iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™ mobile devices will enjoy the ability to easily connect, view live video, search video, and configure the NVR. The HDIP video system may also be accessed remotely using Internet Explorer to view and search video from any personal computing device.

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Eclipse offers a full range of HD COAX SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS in 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channels. These systems can be used for new installations and to replace and existing analog system that uses coax cabling. These complete systems come with everything you need out of the box.

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  • Train & Subway Station Security Cameras
    Terrorism threats have heightened security across the board here in the USA and this includes our public transit system. New HD camera systems help to prevent acts of violence and terrorism in subway and train stations.
  • Surveillance Security Cameras for Parking Lots
    A majority of all crime at retail outlets, malls and offices occurs in the parking lot. Surveillance cameras offer many benefits to parking lot security. Parking lots are very unique in their security needs with risks for both customers and owners
  • Cruise Ship Surveillance Security Cameras
    Cruise ships are floating cities with all the security needs of normal city and more. Cruise ships have a wide variety of areas that need to be monitored which makes their surveillance systems unique.
  • Surveillance Security Cameras for Taxis
    Taxi’s offer a valuable service to millions of people yearly. Unfortunately, having so many different passengers and travelers leads to having incidents. Whether is non paying customers, robberies, assaults or simply liquored up riders that verbally assault drivers.
  • Surveillance Security Cameras for Buses
    Buses have a constant flow of passengers and a sole bus driver can only monitor and do so much as focuses on the road ahead. Maintaining security on buses is much easier when deploying a surveillance camera system on board.
  • Surveillance Security Cameras for Airport Terminals
    No other location exemplifies the use and need of surveillance security cameras more than Airports. Airports have a combination of threats and security vulnerabilities that make them unique
  • Public Transportation Security Cameras
    Surveillance security cameras is a perfect surveillance solution for transportation security. Public security threats are on the rise and CCTV cameras on subways and buses help to protect travelers from possible terrorist attacks while maintaining a secure and safe transportation environment.
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