Terrorism threats have heightened security across the board here in the USA and this includes our public transit system. New HD camera systems help to prevent acts of violence and terrorism in subway and train stations. Security cameras also help to deter vandalism and crime within the stations while providing passengers with an added sense of security.

Train and Subway and Train Station Security Camera Benefits

TerrorismSurveillance cameras installed in subway and train stations help to combat possible terrorist activity and monitor for terrorist plots before they occur. Unfortunately our public transit systems are high-risk targets for terrorist.

Investigating Crimes – Documented security video footage footage helps law enforcement to properly investigate any incidents where terrorist or crime took place. Using HD security video, security staff can identify perpetrators and take the necessary steps to prevent the same acts from occurring in the future.

Passenger Protection – Passengers want to feel safe and have confidence our train system. Daily commuters are common on subway systems and they do not want to think twice before their ride. Surveillance cameras play a key role in a large effort to give passengers a safe and closely monitored environment for their safety and protection.

Prevent Vandalism – Subways have been long synonymous with graffiti. Train cars and tunnel walls act like a painter canvas. Security cameras can monitor and locate these activities as they are happening and security staff or officers can be dispatched to the exact location to stop the such an offense from being completed. Surveillance cameras help to keep the expense of cleaning graffiti down while reducing the down Cleaning up graffiti is an expensive task, and video surveillance helps in reducing the regularity of such activity.

Unsafe Areas – Key sections of train stations have proven to be very dangerous. Platform gaps as well as any public area where the train passes by should be properly monitored with specific security cameras for those areas. This helps to reduce injuries and accidents.

Video Storage – With new HD digital security systems, all video recordings are stored digitally instead of the old method that used analog tapes. This digital video allows for more features and capabilities such as, fast searching of archives, remote access of footage from a mobile device and long term storage on one machine.

Remote AccessingHD digital surveillance systems allow remote monitoring from virtually any platform. You can monitor cameras from any PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device anywhere there is internet available. You no longer have to be at the site to know what is happening.

Video Security Systems Risks

vandal proof security cameraVandals – Any time you have a CCTV camera that is tampered or damaged with, you could experience video signal loss. Take appropriate security measures in the event this occurs.

Reliance – Surveillance cameras are a powerful tool but should not be the relied upon as you only security measure. Security cameras help to significantly enhance your levels of security within subway and train stations, but physical officers or security guards play a key role alongside surveillance and should not be overlooked.

Security Camera Configuring at Train Stations

There are several factors one should consider when installing a security camera system at subway or train stations, we suggest you contemplate these suggestions:

  • Consider your current security system. What do you have now?
  • Are you understaffed?
  • Who patrols the stations? Security Guards, police officers, both?
  • Is there a specific area prone to accidents?
  • Has there been a history of incidents that involved fatalities or injuries?
  • Is your station well lit ?
  • Do you provide warning decals or signs around dangerous areas?
  • Have you had issues with graffiti at the station?
  • What are the train hours, do you have night shifts?
  • Are there cashiers at the station where money is exchanged?
  • What is the Is neighborhood like round the station, is it safe?
  • Have there been a history of violent incidents or criminal activity surrounding the station?

Subway and Train Station Setup Advice for Security Camera Systems

  • All entrances and exits should have cameras installed to ensure you document all passengers entering and leaving the premises.
  • Boarding areas and areas with open gaps should have cameras monitoring them to reduce incidents in those high-risk locations by the tracks.
  • Cameras should monitor and record anywhere money is exchanged, for example vending machines, ticket windows, cashiers and card machines.
  • Hallways, dark areas and stairwells should have cameras prominently placed to record suspicious activity.
  • Consider giving surveillance access to guards or officers via their smartphone or tablets to better cover and monitor key areas.

Train & Subway Station Security Cameras

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