There are several key benefits for Liquor stores when installing security video surveillance. Similar to convenience stores, liquor stores often are considered an easy target for small petty theft. This can lead to major financial losses from criminals and thieves. Installing the right security camera system will more than likely keep your liquor store safe.

Advantages of Installing CCTV in Liquor Shops

Simple to Install – Newer video surveillance systems can be quick and simple to install, service and maintain. Most Liquor store owners can easily install the cameras themselves and have the camera system setup in minutes. Newer IP Camera systems allow you to reconfigure the systems as needed so you may always go back and change the design of your security camera system as you see fit.

Prevent vandalism and theft – Installing Surveillance cameras where customers and employees can see them helps deter vandals and thieves, while helping the local authorities identify those criminals who may have robbed your store.

Increase safety – Alcohol plays a huge role with security. Problematic customers who enter the store intoxicated can cause major problems. Security cameras may help keeping your employees safe in the event disgruntled or intoxicated customers act up.

Monitor several locations at once – Owning several liquor stores or a chain of liquor stores is not a problem anymore. With the rise of modern NVRs ( Network Video Recorders) you can now monitor and record multiple locations from virtually anywhere. You can see all your stores from one location or create a group of your most important cameras to monitor.

Risks of Security and Video Surveillance in Package Stores as well as ABC Stores

Theft – Stealing liquor is only a small reason why you need security cameras. Criminals may attempt to steal money or try for your safe. Even your Security cameras themselves have value and can be targeted by thieves. Its always a good idea to have alternative security methods in place in case a robber attempts to steal or vandalize one of your security surveillance cameras.

Privacy for Employess – Employees want to feel safe but also trusted. Protect the privacy of your staff and employees by keeping your security cameras installed in public places such as the stockroom and sales floor.

Power outages – Outages and Power surges can damage your surveillance system or even cause video interruptions in your video recording.

Configuring Security Cameras for your Liquor Store

There are many different size Liquor stores. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when installing a security camera system. Here are some things to consider when installing your surveillance system:

Risks to Consider

  1. What type of security do you have in place currently?
  2. What would you consider your largest security threat and what can security cameras do to help?
  3. How many robberies or crimes have you had in the past year?

Location & Area

  1. Where is your store located? Are you in a rural area, in a city or suburban area?
  2. Is your store located near a college town?
  3. What is your neighborhood like?
  4. Are other retail stores in your area experiencing crime problems?

Customers Experience

  1. What’s your customer base like?
  2. Do you find yourself dealing with alcoholics or intoxicated customers?


  1. How big is your store?
  2. What amount of customers get served daily at your store?


  1. How many staff members do you have?
  2. Is employee turnover a problem?


  1. What are the laws in your county that you must adhere to regarding security cameras?
  2. Are your security cameras regulated by the county or local law?
  3. Are Fake IDs and selling liquor to minors an issue?

Surveillance Cameras in Liquor Stores

Police often times uses surveillance video footage to help capture thieves and criminals. Using a combination of evidence and suspect descriptions from security camera footage can help solve crimes.

Scenarios – Why Alcohol Resellers Needs Video Surveillance

Repeat theft – Businesses loses millions of dollars every year from theft, crime and vandalism. As a business owner it is not only important to have security cameras but its important to have security cameras that work. Upgrading an older CCTV system to IP Megapixel cameras will offer as much as 130x more detail than older analog cameras. This means that the smaller details that are important during a crime will be much more visible. Consider your current losses and against settling for a less expensive analog system. There is no point in saving money if your surveillance footage cannot be used after a crime.

Surveillance Video for Liquor Stores

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