Neighborhood security cameras have become very popular over the last decade. Homeowners are looking for added security besides that of their own home. Neighborhood awareness in communities has peaked and local residents are striving to keep neighborhoods safe. With newer technology in HD digital video surveillance neighborhoods can now be covered with wireless technology that can be deployed very easily.

Neighborhood Surveillance Benefits

Resident and visitor Protection – Having HD security cameras installed throughout a subdivision or neighborhood will help keep community members safe and sound.

Vandalism Protection – Many homes and neighborhoods find themselves targets to vandalism, especially in those neighborhoods in urban and dense areas. You can help discourage vandalism by having prominently displayed cameras surrounding your neighborhood and in the event a problem does arise HD security cameras will identify the vandals and help identify them quickly.

Monitoring – Older analog CCTV systems did not allow remote access to the video footage. You basically had to sit in front of the video monitor and manually search for incidents. Newer digital surveillance systems allow their cameras to be monitored from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection. The community can have full access to the cameras and help monitor the neighborhood together. Alarms and events can even be send to residents in email or push notification so they get real time video of what’s happening.

Community property protection – With many subdivisions and neighborhoods offering community areas such as pools, parks, pools and community centers it is important to monitor these areas. These areas are often susceptible to theft,vandalism, loitering and damage. You can help to eliminate these events by properly installing a surveillance system in these areas.

CCTV Camera Risks in Housing Developments

Privacy Concerns – You want to keep cameras to public areas. Mount cameras on streets and in those common shared areas considered public domain.. Do not point cameras into private residences, and home windows. If you cannot avoid this we suggest you use cameras that provide “privacy masking”, this blocks off that particular area from being recorded or viewed by the camera.

Potential Damage – Any outdoor camera that watches over public areas are susceptible to damage from weather or vandals. We suggest that you use tamper-proof or anti-vandal type cameras to help curb these situations.

Considerations for Subdivision Security Camera Systems

Neighborhoods are a collage and mix of various individuals and cultures. They can vary by town, city, and by geography. There is no one system fits all in this circumstance. A security camera system for one subdivision will likely not work for another neighborhood. We suggest that you consider the following when installing a neighborhood security camera system:

  • Where is your development or neighborhood located?
  • Does your neighborhood attract thieves or vandals?
  • What is your biggest security risk?
  • Have there been past issues with vandalism or theft?
  • What areas of the neighborhood are most vulnerable and need protection?

Neighborhood CCTV Camera Setup Advice

  • Parks, pools and parking areas should be well-covered
  • Hidden cameras can be an option in those areas high in vandalism and crime
  • Consider the lighting for your neighborhood. Do you need cameras with infrared capability for night time use?

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Protecting Neighborhoods with CCTV Cameras

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