No one likes to leave their little ones behind when they have to go to work. In-home childcare and babysitters are a part of daily life for many parents. Parents love their children and sometimes they simply need a small break. Nannies and babysitters offer their child care services to mind the children while parents are away (either at play or work). Most often, the children and the childcare professional get along well; but unfortunately there are times when the relationship is strained or becomes uncomfortable. Surveillance cameras, “nanny cams,” or cctv cameras help to record all day to day activity between the child, care provider or the nanny, and provides helpful evidence and information in the event of any possible wrongdoings.

NannyCams Advantages

Covert surveillance – Parents have the option of using covert surveillance when monitoring their home and children. Many nanny cams are offered in concealed clocks, stereos, books and other household appliances, and will secretly record all your childcare activities and relations with your nanny or babysitter. Covert nannycams can provide insight into your babysitters behavior and helps give you an objective perspective.

See from anywhere – The latest in Nanny Cams offer HD digital technology and can be monitored and viewed from practically anywhere in the world. This allows working parents the ability to monitor their children at anytime.

Push alerts – Newer smartphones offer push notifications to keep customers alerted of important information. Newer HD DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras offer parents the ability to receive an instant push notification when someone enters a room, a specific area or comes to the door. This notification will take you to the live video feed so you can better assess the situation. You even have the option of using email to be notified as well.

Babysitter Cameras the Disadvantages

Privacy Consent – While many babysitters not care that they are being monitored or recorded, there are those that simply get outraged knowing they are being monitored without their consent. All states vary in regards to consent and we suggest you check with your State laws before installing your cameras.

Camera Damage – Since many cameras are hidden in common household appliances, they are prone to damage. Often times your covert “book”, “alarm clock,” or “stereo,” gets knocked over or falls to the floor causing your cameras to get damaged.

Nanny Surveillance Questions

There are several factors to consider when choosing a security cameras solution for nanny cameras. Please consider each of the following when your purchasing and installing your security cameras:

  • What area of the house you want to record?
  • What area of the home do the children and nanny/babysitters spend the most time?
  • What are your expectations for the NannyCam? What do want to see or catch?

Babysitter Surveillance and Nanny Cam Setup Advice

  • Pick a concealed camera or camera that blends into your surroundings – as an example do not place teddy bear camera on your kitchen counter or use an alarm clock camera in the living room.
  • Double and triple check the laws in your area regarding surveillance consent and whether or not you must notify parties of recorded video
  • Keep recording devices used to record your cameras away from plain site. Any monitoring devices should not be visible by your babysitters or nannies.

Security Cameras for Babysitting

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