When you have a location that has a large gathering of people and money you will likely find a location that needs video surveillance. Today’s large scale plazas offer restaurants, multiple level retail shops, and movie theaters that invite large crowds to shop and mingle. The sure size of the buildings make surveillance coverage challenging for security personnel. When deploying surveillance cameras in shopping malls it is important to strategically place the security cameras so they will enhance security and allow continuous live monitoring throughout the shopping complex.

Mall security camera benefits

Theft Prevention – When looking at possible targets for theft and crime, retail shops, delivery areas and storage facilities, are often times targeted. Good placement of surveillance cameras will help catch suspicious activity, giving security personnel a chance to investigate the crime scene and send security officers if needed.

Crime Deterrence – Shopping Mall security cameras help to live monitor the property for suspicious behavior and can foil criminal acts like fights, kidnappings possible violence.

Customer Safety – Having security cameras present and out in the open raises the mall’s appearance of security and awareness. Customer confidence is will be high and potential thieves and criminals will think twice before attempting a crime.

Employee Activity Monitoring – The use of surveillance cameras in the Mall will help capture instances of employee crime and theft. Customer relations and improper worker conduct can be monitored.

Security Personnel – Security guards and surveillance operators can help spot events as they occur and direct security staff to specific areas they are viewing live. Suspicious activity can also be recorded to help prosecution in the event of a crime.

Investigation of Crime – With recorded surveillance footage you can provide investigators with HD images and valuable information on specific incidents. Video detail of suspects and the crime in question will help with prosecution.

Mall Security Cameras Risks

Camera Vandalism – You want to take necessary steps to protect your surveillance cameras. In the event your mall security cameras are vandalized, tampered or damaged you may lose your video footage. Consider a backup security option in case these things occur.

Privacy for Everyone – Keep cameras out of private areas such as bathrooms. Keep the camera placement to those widely accepted areas.

Shopping Mall Video Surveillance System Configuration

The size alone of a shopping mall can make the installation of security camera systems very difficult. Architectural design and multi-level shops makes securing trouble spots a task. These challenges need to be considered.

  • Do you have sufficient security staff available or on duty?
  • What does your facility currently have as far as security systems is concerned?
  • Are restricted areas a concern? Are you experiencing unauthorized entries?
  • DO you have a parking facility on the property?
  • Do you currently have Public transit that commutes consumers to your property?
  • Are your long hallways or corridors outside of public view?
  • Is theft currently an issue at the mall?
  • How many reported incidents of theft or criminal activity have you had at your facility?

Mall CCTV and Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Make sure to install security cameras at every possible entrance and exit so you may capture clear detailed images of all visitors to the mall.
  • Insure to install security cameras in public areas such as food courts, lobbies and plazas.
  • Install surveillance cameras at major crossroads and traffic intersections throughout the mall so you may monitor all key areas where visitors frequently pass..
  • Parking garages and parking lots should have surveillance cameras. These key areas are prone to break-ins and crime.
  • Hallways as well as storage areas and corridors should be closely monitored for unauthorized personnel.
  • Delivery and loading areas are also crucial areas of concern and should be recorded and monitored closely.

Security Camera Systems for Shopping Malls

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