Security cameras systems play a vital role within the gaming and casino industry. Whenever you have large sums of money in one location there is always the threat of criminal activity, it’s imperative that the facilities are properly monitored and recorded. The risks of an incident is always higher when you have a constant flow of money and foot traffic. Installing a proper video surveillance system can help cut down those risks and help eliminate crime and theft while allowing paying customers to enjoy the gaming experience safely.

Benefits of Casino Security Cameras

Ease of installation – New enhancements in digital video security cameras lets casinos and gaming facilities easily deploy and install cameras with a single wire. The flexibility of the security systems allows for the cameras to be installed most anywhere. Since the digital systems operate through a network they can be seen or monitored from anywhere in the facility and this allows for more personnel to help with the surveillance monitoring.

Crowds – Large crowds at casinos can be hard for security personnel. Security cameras help casinos to monitor large crowds for suspicious activity, and disruptions.

Suspicious casino players – For as long as gambling has existed there has been a gambler looking to beat the system with some sort of hustle or cheating tactic. Cameras installed in key areas help security staff to get HD crystal clear views of the gaming tables, allowing them to closely monitor all the action at the table including individual players.

Theft Prevention – No one likes to get caught cheating. Security cameras help to deter crime simply by being present throughout the facilities. Surveillance cameras also help authorities when identifying criminals during criminal investigations. Surveillance cameras also help to monitor employee theft and dealers that may be working with others to cheat the system.

Violence and Fights – Typically where there is gambling there is alcohol. Whenever you have large crowds, alcohol and high stakes gambling, you have the potential for tense situations. Security camera systems allow security staff to quickly dispatch guards to a specific area in the event there is a situation..

Remote Viewing – Digital surveillance systems allows security staff and personnel to monitor video footage whether live or recorded from various remote locations, including on their smartphones or tablets.

Risks of Gambling and Casino CCTV

Privacy ConcernsCCTV cameras in public areas are commonly accepted. Areas such as the exits, entrances, bars, eating areas, and gaming floors should have surveillance present. Surveillance cameras should not be installed in private areas like bathrooms, this is a violation of privacy.

Gaming Surveillance Cameras Configuration and Considerations

2 Megapixel IP PTZ cameraKeeping guests secure and safe is of utmost importance for casinos. Properly installed security cameras help to keep gaming facilities safe from theft, crime and violence. We suggest that you consider the following when deploying your video surveillance system:

  • What are some of the current security risks in your facility?
  • What security systems do you currently have installed or deployed?
  • Are you understaffed with security officers?
  • Have you had instances of cheating at your facility?
  • Has fighting or violence occurred at the casino?
  • Does the casino experience large crowds of people and traffic?
  • Do you have surveillance covering all your cashier areas?
  • Has theft been a problem at the gaming facility?
  • Do you offer high stake tables that need special attention?
  • Have you had issues with employee theft at the facility?

Casino Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Install security cameras at all exits and entrances so you may record and document all players coming to the facility.
  • All gaming floors should have security cameras monitoring them. This includes slot machines and tables.
  • Gaming tables should have their own security cameras specifically to monitor gameplay, cheating and suspicious behavior.
  • All areas storing currency or where currency is exchanged should have surveillance cameras present.

Security Camera Systems for Casinos and Gaming

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