It goes without saying that banks are some of the most secure institutions in the world. We all entrust banks with our money, and expect them to keep it safe. One of the many ways banks can help protect our money, is to install a high end video surveillance system. Banks are looking at newer innovations in digital technology and HD resolution so they may increase the effectiveness of their video security systems.

Credit Union Surveillance Equipment Benefits

Robbery Prevention - When you think of potential high-stake targets, Banks are on the top of the list. A well installed bank video surveillance system will deter robberies, while providing provide important video footage and evidence to law enforcement.

Investigating a Crime - In the event of fraud or robbery, recorded video from bank security cameras can be used to track down and identify suspects.

Check fraud prevention – Using the latest in HD video surveillance systems allows for detailed facial recognition of suspects that helps fight check fraud at banks. Newer digital video recorders allow you to record transaction data along with the video recording. This allows you to not only see the transactions as they happen but also sync the video with the detailed transaction. You can use this information to identify criminals and protect customer accounts.

Fake ATM withdrawals - Bank customers often report suspicious ATM withdrawals leaving their bank accounts depleted of funds without their knowledge. Having bank security cameras record each and every ATM transaction can provide the evidence you need to find the criminals.

Monitor multiple locations - Newer digital video systems allow banks to to view live and recorded video footage from multiple branches at one time. Video can also be transmitted one central monitoring room, or viewed over the Internet via smartphones or tablets.

Alarm system integration - Newer digital camera systems allow bank security cameras and alarm systems to be fully integrated into a single network.

Digital video storage -Digital technology offers a more efficient way of storing and managing surveillance footage. It’s more convenient and accessible. This allows you to use advanced search techniques to pinpoint specific incidents and identifying suspects faster with greater ease.

24hr surveillance - Bank surveillance cameras provide continuous surveillance of banking facilities, this protection continues outside of typical bank workday hours. Considering that most ATMs are accessed by customers 24 hours a day it’s nice to to know you are being covered.

Recognition of data - The use of digital technology for video surveillance produces the capability of using advanced data-recognition when searching video footage for specific bank transactions. This also helps when backing up images of particular individuals.

Customer confidence - A confident customer is one that feels secure. An professional bank video surveillance system enhances the sense of security and makes your customers feel at ease..

Remote access -Digital video recorders ( also known as DVRs or NVRs) allow remote monitoring of live and recorded video from any PC, Mac or Smartphone with an Internet connection and access to the network.

Risks of Bank Video Surveillance

Reliance - Having video surveillance is just one of the various security measures a bank should take to secure their property. It's important to not simply rely on security cameras. Various security practices should also be in place, facilities should be provide physical security personnel.

Privacy - Being that banks are public locations and demand high security, the use of video surveillance within the bank is a widely accepted practice. Bathrooms and similar private locations should be considered off limits to security cameras.

Vandalism and tampering - In the event that a criminal vandalises or tampers with a bank security camera, you could suffer from a lapse in video recording. It's vital that other security measures are in place in the event that an incident occurs.

Considerations for Bank Video Surveillance

To achieve the optimal protection with video surveillance, numerous areas must be closely monitored. These areas include everything from exits and entrances to exterior ATMS and teller windows. These following factors should strongly be considered when installing a video surveillance system in a bank:

  • Consider what you currently have installed. What type of security systems are currently in place?
  • Do you currently have any 24-hour ATMs on the site?
  • Do you employ physical security guards or on-site police officers?
  • Do you have a parking lot located on the property?
  • Are your bank tellers out in the open or behind glass or windows?
  • During non-banking hours, what security measures do you currently have?
  • Have you experienced any incidents involving check fraud?
  • Has your property ATM had any criminal activity or fraudulent transactions?
  • Have there been any thefts or robbery attempts?

Bank Branch security camera setup

  • It's imperative that you install surveillance cameras at all exits and entrances so you may capture video as well as images of every bank customer entering and exiting.
  • Install security cameras at all ATMs to monitor and record clear images and video of individual customer faces.
  • Properly place cameras to monitor all bank transactions closely especially in the teller areas.
  • Proper placement of surveillance cameras in the main lobby is crucial. Monitoring traffic and recording an overall view of the bank lobby is important.
  • Security cameras monitoring of all vaults and safes.

Security Camera Systems for Banks

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