HD Security Cameras will help you see the details you need.

Video surveillance can help you capture customer interactions, employee behavior, or shoplifting.

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Install cameras at the register, entrances, and in your stock room to watch everything that happens during the day and after hours. Video surveillance can help you capture customer interactions, employee behavior, or shoplifting. Use the video for evidence or training to improve store policies. Set your recorder to use motion detection when the store is closed and it will record any movement within your store. Don’t spend extra time reviewing footage; the recorder will only save the footage you need.



The cameras in the HDIP system use the same cable for both power and video. Just turn on your recorder and connect your cameras and the system automatically begins recording. Power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need to run separate wires to power the camera making installation quicker and simpler. Because Eclipse recorders have a built-in PoE switch, you can run your cable directly from the camera to the recorder without any additional equipment required.

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Eclipse HDIP recorders capture IP video at 1080p. With a resolution six times higher than standard definition, it is the equivalent of upgrading your security video from VHS to Blu-ray™. Standard definition analog video has a resolution of 704 x 480 pixels. When shown on an HD monitor, each pixel has to be enlarged to six times its original size! The result is grainy video, even on high-definition displays. Both the cameras and recorders in the HDIP system are capable of 1080p high-definition video, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Every pixel is shown at its original size, and there is no grainy distortion--only crystal clear high-definition video.

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With six times the resolution of standard analog video, the HDIP recorder allows you to record more of the scene without losing any detail. The megapixel cameras included in Megapixall recorder kits can see more or the room than standard analog security cameras. This means you can save money by installing fewer cameras and still capture the entire scene.

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The suite of free mobile applications enables anytime, anywhere access to your video system. Users of iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™ mobile devices will enjoy the ability to easily connect, view live video, search video, and configure the NVR. The HDIP video system may also be accessed remotely using Internet Explorer to view and search video from any personal computing device.

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Megapixall offers a full range of HD COAX SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS and IP CAMERA SYSTEMS in 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channels. These systems can be used for new installations and to replace and existing analog system that uses coax cabling. These complete systems come with everything you need out of the box.

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  • Security Camera Systems for Banks
    It goes without saying that banks are some of the most secure institutions in the world. We all entrust banks with our money, and expect them to keep it safe. One of the many ways banks can help protect our money, is to install a high end video surveillance system.
  • Retail CCTV Security Cameras
    The retail industry makes billions of dollars every year and not surprising, it also loses billions of dollars to shoplifters and employee theft. New HD security cameras are the perfect solution for retail locations and offers various advantages, for instance, decreased retail shrinkage, maximized retail store earnings, reduced insurance premiums, and undoubtedly a reduction in the amount of robbery occurrences.
  • Fast Food Security Camera Systems
    Fast paced food restaurants are ideal candidates for video security cameras. The long hours, employee turnover, high foot traffic, and numerous customers make fast food restaurants and franchises susceptible to theft and crime.
  • CCTV and Security Cameras for Truck Stops
    Trucking is multibillion dollar business and is vital to our economy - 18 wheeler, lorries, semi trucks are the kings of the road. They transport our goods from place to place, bringing consumers all the supplies they need and want as well as delivering businesses the merchandise they need.
  • Payday Loan and Check Cashing Surveillance Systems
    Many people depend on Check cashing locations across the country. Whether they do not have bank accounts, wire funds, need a notary, PO Box or simply need a quick loan, check cashing stores offer their services to thousands of customers daily. It only makes sense, that businesses that handle money (like bank locations) should have a well installed video surveillance system.
  • ATM Video Surveillance
    ATM video surveillance in itself is an industry. ATM locations and surrounding areas make ATM machines susceptible to theft and criminal activity if not properly protected.
  • Security Camera Systems for Restaurant & Bars
    Restaurants & bars have unique security challenges that they face daily. Employee turnover and the ever changing changing customer base leaves restaurants and bars with high risk of theft.
  • Car Dealership Video Surveillance
    When you consider the inventory value and the amount of foot traffic a dealership has you have the perfect scenario for video surveillance. Automobiles vary in price considerably, depending on its make, year, model and features, prices range from a few thousand to as much as hundred thousand dollars.
  • Gun Shop Video Surveillance & Security Cameras
    Similar to any retail store where money is used, gun shops are an ideal candidate for video security. Considering the that guns are the main product sold its even more important to make sure you have video surveillance.
  • Security Camera Systems for Shopping Malls
    When you have a location that has a large gathering of people and money you will likely find a location that needs video surveillance. Today’s large scale plazas offer restaurants, multiple level retail shops, and movie theaters that invite large crowds to shop and mingle.
  • Pawn Shop Video Surveillance
    Security Video surveillance has become necessary for pawn shops. The possibility of crime always exists when possessions and money are exchanged.
  • Surveillance Video for Liquor Stores
    There are several key benefits for Liquor stores when installing security video surveillance. Similar to convenience stores, liquor stores often are considered an easy target for small petty theft. This can lead to major financial losses from criminals and thieves.
  • Convenience Store Surveillance Systems
    When considering security cameras for your convenience stores you need to key in on those key areas that are most vulnerable towards theft and petty crimes. Installing the correct video surveillance system is extremely important and it will help protect your customers, employees, as well as your assets.Benefits of Video Surveillance
  • Gas Station Video Surveillance
    Video Surveillance and Gas stations should go hand in hand, similar to convenience stores, gas stations are often easy targets for crimes and theft.
  • Video Surveillance and Security for Department Stores
    Department Stores Video Surveillance & Security for Department Stores One of the primary objectives for department stores should be loss prevention.
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