Surveillance security cameras is a perfect surveillance solution for transportation security. Public security threats are on the rise and CCTV cameras on subways and buses help to protect travelers from possible terrorist attacks while maintaining a secure and safe transportation environment.

Public Transit Security Benefits

Vandalism Prevention – Vandalism of public transit is a common occurrence especially on buses, subways and train stations. Visible surveillance cameras helps to prevent defacing of property on buses with graffiti. Identification of these vandals helps to stop repeat offenders.

Crime and Violence Prevention – We live during a time where public transportation is unfortunately targeted by terrorists. Whether its New York or London, bomb scares have been reported at major cities worldwide. Subway stations and subways in larger cities are often prime locations for pick pocketing and muggings. A well installed video security system helps to reduce theft and crime, and is key in identifying suspicious behavior, violence, theft, violence and possible gang activity.

Easy – New digital enhancements in video security systems allow complex and large public transportation networks to easily be monitored with video security cameras. Cameras from all public transportation hubs can be centrally monitored at one location no matter the technology used at individual stations, subways or trains.

Public Transportation Surveillance Camera Risks

Privacy Concerns – Passenger and employee protection is important but so is their privacy. Security cameras should be installed in key public spaces such as on subways and buses and at the station itself. Cameras should not be installed in employee break rooms or restrooms. Drivers and operators may be monitored by security cameras if your local laws permit, we suggest you check with your local authority.C

megapixel ip dome cameraVandalism and Theft – Visible cameras are often the target of vandalism and theft. A vandalised camera or stolen camera will cause your subway or bus to be susceptible to crime. We suggest you take measures to ensure proper coverage of the cameras with additional cameras and added security.

Mass Transit Video Security Camera Configuration

All transit systems are different and have different layouts and needs. Whether its size of transit network, size of the city, population, or the type of transportation (trolley, subway,bus, train, tram…), etc. Consider the following questions when considering your security camera purchase and configuration:

  • What is your most pressing security concern?
  • Where is theft mostly experienced? Violence? Vandalism?
  • Do you operate late night hours?
  • What security systems do you currently have in place?
  • Consider the layout of your stations, how are they arranged?
    • Do passengers need tickets to enter boarding areas (through access control or turnstiles access control)
    • Do you verify the fares on board?

Transportation Surveillance Systems Setup Advice

  • All entrances and exits used to board or exit the subways, buses or other forms of transportation should be in the cameras view. This includes all seating and standing areas.
  • All stations should monitor and record all entrances and exits to properly record a passengers face for identification in case there is an event.

Public Transportation Security Cameras

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