Complexes and apartment buildings have vast amounts of residents. When you have large groups of individuals that live so close together and are typically strangers to one another, you have the possibility for crime and vandalism.

Rental CCTV System Benefits

Ease of install – Many of the newer camera systems offered today simply require one wire between the camera and digital video recorder. In some circumstances you can even use Wi-Fi enabled cameras that need no wiring back to the DVR. This allows you to easily deploy a surveillance system with minimum effort.

Securing public areas – Video surveillance helps to keep visotrs, employees and residents safe . Cameras installed at main entrances and exits help to prevent intruders from slipping by behind known tenants at locked entrances. The cameras can also help discourage crime and violence from occurring on your property..

Theft Prevention and vandalism –

HD resolution – Unlike older CCTV analog cameras, newer HD megapixel cameras offer High-Definition video that offers clean, crisp detailed images. These images will help you identify individuals more clearly and can also help with license plates and car make and models.

24hr RecordingDVRs and NVRs offer 24hr live monitoring and recording that can be viewed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Using a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device you can monitor or view your complex at any time and from practically anywhere you have an internet connection.

Condominium Security Cameras – The Risk Factors

Privacy for Tenants– Public areas should always be monitored and recorded. These areas include exits, entrances, parking lots, stock rooms, laundry rooms and pool areas. Private residences and in particular home windows and doors should never be in the cameras view.

Vandals – Criminals often times try and damage surveillance systems so they can not be identified or caught on camera. They may even attempt to vandalize the security systems and come back another day when the notice it has not been fixed. With the amount of visitors that normally visit a complex its hard to tell who is an actual tenant and this is why recording is so very important

Power Outages – Acts of God, power surges and power outages, cause major disturbances in video cameras and may even cause your cameras to not record. Its imperative that you take action to protect you cameras with surge protection and good battery backup.

Outdoor damage – Weather can potentially damage your surveillance cameras. Make sure you use the proper security cameras in all your outdoor areas such as pools, parking lots, and courtyards.

Sublet CCTV Systems Questions and Configuration

All complexes, condominiums and apartment buildings come vastly different sizes, and types.They all require different kinds of security that is specific to their property. Please consider the following factors when installing your video security system:

Size of Property

  • How many condos or apartments are in your property?


  • Is your property grouped together with a bunch of buildings or a single building?
  • Do you have one entrance with a access control or can people simply drive on to the property?


  • What amenities does your property offer?
    • Rec room
    • Swimming pool
    • Gym
    • Courtyard
    • Racquetball
    • Tennis
    • Rec center
    • Basketball court
    • Playground


  • Is your property in a suburban or urban area?
  • Is your neighborhood conducive to robberies, vandalism and other crimes?


  • Do you experience a high tenant turnover rate?
  • What do you consider to be the average age of your tenants?
    • College-aged
    • Working Class Families
    • Elderly
  • Do you have a lot of vacant apartments or condos?
  • Have you experienced fights or disagreements between residents?
  • Do some of your tenants have legal issues?

Security Threats

  • What concerns do currently have on your property?
  • How will surveillance cameras help fix it?


  • Do you have on-site employees?
  • Is there a superintendent?
  • Do you have services that are performed at your property such as landscapers and other maintenance?
  • Do you have workers that come to the complex such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths?

Apartment Complexes Security Cameras

Security footage in apartment buildings are often times used to help convict crimes and theft. Keeping on eye on visitors, tenants and trespassers helps to keep everyone safe and in the event something does occur, surveillance often times helps you to document what happened.

Scenarios and reasons why Your Condo Complex needs security cameras

Security & Safety – Car break-ins, purse snatching, fighting, apartment break-ins, and vandalism are justg some of the many reasons you would choose to have security cameras installed. With new HD video surveillance camera systems you can easily monitor your complex from anywhere in the world. Push notifications and emails can be forwarded to you instantly when an alarm occurs or someone enters a restricted area. You no longer have to be constantly monitoring your security cameras to catch someone in the act. You can even allow the residents themselves to monitor the cameras. Having a community of eyes randomly helping to keep an eye on the public grounds helps to minimize crime and theft.

Vandalism – Vandalism is an unfortunate part of society. Defacing property with graffiti, destruction of property and vandalism of resident cars can cause residents to be fearful and downright scared. Property value and rent can decline because your property looks unsafe and uninviting. Security cameras can help to detract vandals from striking your property and they can help maintain the cleanliness of your complex.

Property Management Security Surveillance

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