Security Video surveillance has become necessary for pawn shops. The possibility of crime always exists when possessions and money are exchanged. Security cameras help to protect employees, the pawn shop, and its customers from acts of crime and violence as well as deterring theft.

Pawn Shop Security Cameras Benefits:

Theft Deterrence – When your security cameras are visible they help to stop robberies even before they occur by deterring criminals from actually going through with the crime. The fact that a thief may be caught on recorded video by surveillance cameras can make a robbers think twice.

Break-Ins Prevention – Security Camera Systems can provide 24hr continuous video monitoring of your Pawn Shop which includes both indoors and outdoors. This can help protect your shop from break-ins during and after normal business hours.

Employee Protection – Employees can feel safe knowing that security cameras will monitor activity for acts of violence, crime,theft, and other behavior.

Visual Evidence – The main purpose of having security video surveillance is to offer visual evidence in the event a crime occurs. Giving local authorities the ability to prosecute or find criminals is a huge factor that must be considered.

Employee Behavior Monitoring – Video surveillance cameras monitor your shops transactions and activities to make sure your employees are providing the utmost customer service and are not involved in employee theft.

Pawn Shop Video Surveillance Configuration

When deploying a pawn shop video security installation, here are some things to consider :

Have you had any violent crimes in or around your pawn shop?

  • What is your is neighborhood like? Is there high-crime in the area?
  • Have your shop been robbed in the past?
  • Are you concerned with employee theft?
  • Do you currently have an alarm system?
  • What security measures do you currently have now?
  • How many security cameras will you need to effectively monitor the pawn shop?
  • Do you selling high-ticket items such as electronics and jewelry?
  • Is the neighborhood safe after hours?

Advice on Installation

  • Install security cameras so they monitor store entrances as well as exits so you may capture images of anyone entering or leaving the pawn shop.
  • Cover the register area to monitor all pawn shop transactions. This will also help you closely monitor interactions between employees and customers.
  • Ceiling-mounted security dome cameras can help provide a nice overall view of the shop.
  • Consider installing exterior cameras to help deter break-ins.

Pawn Shop Video Surveillance

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