Research environments such as lab research, and testing facilities are not typically viewed as surveillance hotspots but labs require very stringent security to help protect researchers, valuable ideas, and expensive lab equipment from theft, intellectual espionage, and other possible threats. Security camera surveillance is a valuable asset for laboratories and keeps experiments, equipment, intellectual property, and researchers safe.

Laboratory Security Cameras Benefits

Security Enhancement – Exits and entrances to the building and labs themselves helps to keep work areas free and safe from intruder, trespassers or unauthorized personnel.

Research Protection – Large grants are often given to research projects which have long-running experiments with complicated and extensive data. Surveillance cameras installed in labs and storage areas help to ensure that experiments progress undisturbed and your final results are not manipulated in any way.

Observations – Not only do surveillance cameras offer security, they also assist in observation. Monitoring and recording your lab experiments offers you the opportunity to closely observe your employees, subjects and research.

Surveillance Risks for Experiments and Labs

Privacy Concerns – You should always consider the privacy of your employees, researchers and students when installing cameras in your lab. Install cameras in public areas and advertise the presence of cameras.

Damages – Place cameras in those areas where they will be least likely damaged or vandalised. A damaged surveillance cameras will interrupt your video recording footage and can lead to theft or more damage.

Research Security Camera Considerations

As no experiment is the same neither are the labs that they are conducted in. All labs will have different security needs, so we suggest you consider the following when installing surveillance system in your lab:

  • What security problems or issues have you had in the past, and where?
  • What security issue concerns you the most when conducting experiments?
  • Is confidential and sensitive research conducted at your site?
  • What security systems and measures do you have in place currently?

Security Cameras for Lab Research Centers

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