best hybrid dvr

Digital video recorders are quickly overtaking PC based video camera recorders as the go to device for surveillance storage. Offering Hybridtechnology, this new DVR offers customers the ability to record analog cameras as well as IP cameras all on the same recording. The system allows for 32 cameras to be recorded on one device. You can record 16 analog security cameras and 16 network IP cameras at the same time. This system is ideal for customers that may have an existing analog system and want to install HD cameras at the same location. This helps to keep costs down.

A common trend within the security industry is to sell products based on price and often times you will notice that Digital Video Recorders will have very limited capabilities and connection options.

Here is a prime example of what you should expect when purchasing a professional grade surveillance recorder. This DVR offers 2 HDMI outputs, as well as a VGA and BNC output to display your cameras. Many lower end DVRs on the market offer one output. This unit allows you to use all 4 outputs at the same time. This is handy for customers looking to use several monitors to watch their cameras.

The system comes with 2 Gigabit Network Ports which allows you to keep your IP cameras on a separate local network. There is also an eSata connection for additional storage capacity, this besides the 8 hard drive capacity built into the DVR already. This means that out of the box your can have as much as 32TB of storage without even using the eSATA connection.

The NVR also offers loop out connections. This is ideal for customers that would like to display individual cameras onto separate monitors by using the loop on connection direct to a monitor.

Additional features such as 4 channels of audio, alarm inputs and outputs help make this DVR one of the best Hybrid machines on the planet.

AHD, HDTVI, HD-CVI, and HD-SDI Digital video recorders
Box contents for 32 channel NVR Hybrid DVR

Another key area where many security companies tend to save money on is the included accessories. Often times security dvrs do not even come with a remote or HDMI cable. These systems come fully loaded with HDMI cable, Rack Mount Ears, Mouse, Remote, SATA cables for your Hard Drives, Alarm Input cables and of course a user manual. These are items you do not need to buy separate and helps consumers save money right out of the box.

This Hybrid allows you to record ONVIF IP cameras and supports most of the major players in the IP camera market today. Since the system is not proprietary and is open to other standards you get a digital video record that allows your to shop and use various IP cameras on the market. The processing power for IP camera recording is 160Mbps. This may not mean much to the common consumer but this processing power allows you to record at higher resolution and frame rate. Many low end market systems only offer 30 or 60Mbps recording capability which limits your camera performance and recording. All analog cameras record at 30fps at 960H resolution. This resolution allows your existing analog camera to be recorded at a higher level than common analog dvrs. There is a reason why many systems cost what they do.

As always these systems fully support PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices and offer advanced features many cannot match.