Healthcare is constantly in the news, whether it’s Obama Care, health reform or medical trials. Healthcare is part of our culture and plays an integral part in our country and society. Whether it’s an urgent care center, doctor’s office, clinic, or a hospital, camera surveillance is a valuable asset for all healthcare institutions no matter the size. Surveillance helps staff, patients, and doctors focus on health care and treatment first.

Clinic Security Cameras Benefits

Patient ProtectionSurveillance cameras play a key role in helping to protect patient medical records and billing information. Medical records contain our most private information, and unfortunately this information is ofetn times used by identity thieves or other conniving individuals. A video security system in file rooms, lobbies and reception area can help keep identities and patient medical records safe. Healthcare security cameras also offer double duty in keeping patients safe while in waiting areas.

Medical Supplies – Doctors depend on their medical equipment and supplies to help perform their job. Medical supplies vary from small inexpensive items such as, latex gloves, tongue depressors or simple cotton swabs to very high end equipment like, ultrasound or x-ray machines. Security cameras provide protection for medical supplies and equipment and placing cameras in store rooms can help keep supplies safe.

Remote monitoring – With newer enhancements in surveillance it is now possible to remotely monitor and view your doctors office or practice from anywhere in the world. You can even use a Mac, PC, Android or iPhone device to do so.

Healthcare CCTV Risks

Privacy Protection – Patient and doctor privacy is extremely important and must be adhered to. The doctor and patient relationship regarding personal health is legally a private matter between both individuals and security cameras should only be installed in those public areas that will not compromise any privacy or trust issues.

Clinic Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Install cameras at all exits and entrances so you may properly capture all visitors coming to the healthcare facility
  • Properly install cameras in storage rooms, hallways and file rooms to ensure safety of all medicine and medical equipment.

Healthcare Security Cameras & Surveillance

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