Is this HD-CVI Dome Camera for you? | Quick Review

Posted by on 9/3/2015 to Security Cameras
HD-CVI Dome Camera
Megapixels: 1.3
1/3” CMOS
Lens: 3.6
IR Distance: 50ft
Power: DC 12V
OSD: Yes
Android and iPhone Apps

Anything labeled HD these days peaks the interest of consumers. It’s the marketing go to word for marketing specialist world wide. This same moniker applies to surveillance cameras as more and more consumers look to upgrade their antiquated analog systems. New HD digital products are hitting the market daily and getting less and less expensive. Today, I am looking at small mini dome that promises clear HD video at 720p resolution. This small HD-CVI dome camera offers 100′ feet of infrared distance with a fixed 3.6mm lens. Using HD-CVIas its transmission technology means you can connect this camera to a coax cable up to 1500 feet in length. This allows customers with existing analog cameras to take advantage of their existing coax cable even if they have far wire runs.

How Does it Stack Up?

Basically for under $85.00 dollars, it rocks. Similar analog cameras sell in the same price range so pricing should no longer be an issue when purchasing surveillance but getting HD video in this price range is great. The picture quality between analog and HD is very recognisable and I do not see many applications where analog should be chosen over an HD alternative.

Cool Appeal – I love the fact that I can enter the camera menu from the DVR and make adjustments. This alone is worth buying the technology. It really is a simple way to get in and get out when changes are needed. There is no need to run an extra wire to enter the menu. The same coax cable allows for video, audio and RS485 to be transmitted. This allows for easy adjustments after the installation instead of having to get on a ladder and manually making changes at the camera.

Digital Zoom – Since the camera is HD megapixel it allows for digital zooming that does not pixelate greatly. This is a nice feature to have when doing playback and you need a close up. It works during live and playback via the DVR or Smartphone. Nice.

Cat5 (Network Wire) with Baluns? – This actually worked better than I thought. Using a nice roll of 1000ft Cat5e I placed a couple of baluns ( in short, converts the network wire to BNC connector to match camera, for newbies. ) and the image was crystal clear. I was even able to enter the OSD camera menu without a hitch. This will come in handy for those customers that may have existing cat5 wire already ran and do not want to use an IP camera system.


I am still playing around with several other models and cameras including this one but so far I find picture quality and features well worth the price, especially when you consider the alternative at the same price point.

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