HD-CVI delivers PTZ Camera with 720p and 20x Zoom

Posted by on 9/1/2015 to Security Cameras

HD-SDI PTZ Cameras

HD-CVI continues to add more products to its growing technology. This new HD-CVI PTZ camera offers 1 Megapixel 720p HD resolution. The lens packs a 20x optical zoom with 16x digital zoom capability built on a Sony Exmor CMOS 1/3″ sensor. The lens offers 4.7mm – 94mm zoom capability while using 24V AC for its power needs. The HD-CVI PTZ offers the ability to run video, audio and rs232 via a single coax cable. This makes installations far easier and less expensive.

The camera features 255 presets with 8 tour patters along with 5 additional normal patterns available. The camera offers full 360 degree rotation and comes with the wall mount included. One cool feature on this camera is the 3D positioning feature. This feature allows users the capability to simply draw a square within the live screen area with their mouse, the camera in-turn automatically zooms into that area.

Both iPhone and Android apps are able to control the camera remotely when connected to the DVR. Simple finger swipes move the cameras right, left, up or down with ease. You even have the option of recording the live video on your iphone or android device.

The camera does offer an ICR filter but does not come with infrared leds. This camera can be used both indoors our outdoors and must be used with a CVI DVR.

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