Similar to any retail store where money is used, gun shops are an ideal candidate for video security. Considering the that guns are the main product sold its even more important to make sure you have video surveillance. Criminals often try to steal weapons from gun retailers, and having a gun in the wrong hands can be a major problem. To curtail theft, help protect assets and watch employees, security cameras are an essential part of gun shop security.

Security Camera Benefits for Gun Dealers

Theft Prevent – Like any retail environment theft is a huge problem, but the moment you involve guns the problem worsens. The gun shop not only stands to lose stolen merchandise but, stolen weapons can easily end up in dangerous hands. Well placed and installed security cameras will help to deter criminals from possibly going through with their crime.

Crime Deterrence – The mix of violent criminals and guns does not bode well, in fact the results can be deadly. Security cameras also protect employees as well customers from possible breakins and customers that start trouble.

Investigating Criminals – Criminal investigations go hand in hand with video surveillance footage. Security cameras that capture detailed images of individuals entering the gun shop will help investigators identify suspects involved in incidents occurring within the gun shop. Video surveillance can also help tie other crimes that may have used guns purchased from the location.

24hr Monitoring – Having an extra set of eyes that do not need sleep helps gun store owners continuously monitor their shops. Even after the gun stores close the video cameras continue to work and document everything

Gun Store Surveillance Risks

Possible Tampering – Criminals are known to try and vandalise cameras. If the cameras are interfered with or lose their signal the gun shop may be vulnerable to acts of theft. We suggest that you also have another security measure in place to supplement the cameras, such as a burglar alarm.

Gun Shop Security Cameras Configuration

Here are some important factors to consider when installing a gun shop surveillance solution:

  • Do your gun store currently have an alarm system?
  • Are shoplifting and theft common in your store?
  • Is the gun shop vulnerable during night time hours?
  • Has violence occurred in or around your gun shop?
  • How is the neighborhood where your store is located? Is it a high-crime area?
  • How big is your shop? How is the layout of the store? How many security cameras will be required?

Security Camera Gun Dealer Installation Advice

  • Install security cameras at all entrances so you may provide a clear view of anyone entering the gun shop.
  • Add cameras to areas where you have cash registers so you may monitor all activity involving money exchanges and possible incidents between your customers or intruders and employees. Surveillance Cameras at cash registers also perform double duty and may provide a detailed identifiable image of all customers purchasing or possibly causing disruptions at your counter.
  • Loading areas, stock rooms and restricted storage areas should also have video surveillance to ensure only your authorized workers handle your firearms.
  • Consider the size of your gun shop, just how many security cameras will be needed to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution to all the areas of concern.

Gun Shop Video Surveillance & Security Cameras

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