Fast paced food restaurants are ideal candidates for video security cameras. The long hours, employee turnover, high foot traffic, and numerous customers make fast food restaurants and franchises susceptible to theft and crime. A well installed video camera system system will keep customers, employees, and the property safe.

Chain Restaurant Surveillance Benefits

Ease of install – New HD security cameras make installation very easy. You have several options and technologies available for use. You can choose between IP cameras, HD-SDI and HD-CVI high resolution platforms. All these systems easily connect to a digital video recorder to record long term storage and allow remote access from anywhere in the world.

Theft Prevention- Well placed security cameras are shown to reduce crime and theft. Installing high definition cameras will help you more easily identify perpetrators and criminals when and if an event occurs at you restaurant.

Quality Control – Keeping cleanliness and adhering to the health code is important to every restaurant and fast food chain. Well placed security cameras throughout your kitchen will ensure that your staff keeps up to your standards and health codes at all times. This will keep your customers safe as well as please your local health inspectors.

Remote live monitoring – Whether you’re using an NVR (Network Video Recorder) or a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you will be able to broadcast your HD security footage over the internet. This will allow you to check up on any of your cameras at anytime. This is especially beneficial if you manage multiple franchises or a particularly large restaurant.

Flexibility – Newer HD video systems offer a lot of flexibility. With higher resolution and various transmission tyoes you can mix and match cameras and technology to achieve optimal performance.

Quick Service Restaurant Security Camera Risks

Camera Privacy – Customer and employee privacy is very important. Help to protect their privacy by installing cameras in public areas such as dining rooms, lobbies, offices,kitchens, drive-through lanes and cash registers.

Theft and Vandalism – Potential thieves will often times target security camera before a theft by vandalising the cameras. Cameras that are damaged or even stolen can cause gaps in your security video footage and can leave a restaurant very susceptible to crime or theft. It’s important to have a backup security plan so you may protect your customers, employees, and the restaurant in the event one of your security cameras are damaged or stolen.

Power Outages – Electrical surges and power outages can cause a great deal of problems to your surveillance system. Even strong storms or wind gusts can cause damage to your security camera system. This can lead to interruptions in your security recording. Always take precautions when installing your cameras to make sure you have proper backups and surge protection.

Fast Food CCTV Considerations

There are many factors when considering the security needs for a fast food restaurant. We suggest that you strongly consider the following when looking to install your surveillance system:

  • Consider your biggest security needs and build your system around it.
  • How many times has an incident occurred and you wished you had caught the incident on camera?
  • Over the past year have you had any problems?
  • How is your restaurant currently set up?
    • Do you provide a seating area such as a dining room and drive-through service?
    • Do you only offer a Drive-thru service?
  • How is your neighborhood? Does your location contribute to your overall security?
  • What are your working hours? Are your hours extended or all-day hours?
  • If your business works around the clock consider that employees working those night shift hours (12AM-8AM) may possibly need more stringent surveillance due to heightened security risk of crime and robberies.

Setting Up Franchise Security Cameras –

  • Install cameras at all open areas such as lobbies, kitchens, dining areas, drive-through lanes, offices and cash registers.
  • All entrances, exits and drive-thru lanes should have fixed cameras covering them so you may record clear picture of every visitor or customer that exits or enters your restaurant
  • Cash registers and administrative areas should also have fixed cameras installed covering them. This will help protect your assets and employees
  • Security cameras should also be placed outside ( perimeter cameras, parking lots, etc) to help protect your outdoor play areas, dining areas, and parking lot.

Fast Food Security Camera Systems

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