One may not think so but security for agricultural environments and farms is extremely important. CCTV cameras help to safeguard farms and make sure daily operations continue to run smooth. This helps farms to deliver a safe quality product to consumers, while protecting equipment, animals, and the facilities from possible harm or misuse.

CCTV cameras for Stables and Farms

Intruder Monitoring – Perfectly installed farm surveillance cameras will document and record video images of anyone entering the property. This ensures you only have those individuals that are authorized to be at the property to gain access to the farm and its other facilities.

Water Supply Protection – Agricultural operations need to protect their water supply, its crucial. Farm CCTV cameras can play a vital role in helping to protect this sensitive area.

Break In Protection – Well placed security cameras around the farm property can help to deter break ins. For those intruders that may ignore the cameras, the security video footage will catch them in the act.

Theft Deterrence – Farm surveillance cameras installed in areas like, calving pens, holding pens, barns, tool shops, and cattle gates help to stop thieves from possibly stealing their livestock and equipment.

Daily Operations Monitoring – CCTV security cameras help you to oversee operations such feeding, mowing and milking run smoothly.

Monitor Employees – Camera surveillance may also be used to help monitor employees, so to ensure that critical farm operations carried out properly.

Monitoring & Playback – With HD digital recorders, farm owners can remotely monitor their property. Recordings are stored digitally and possible events can be easily searched to find visual evidence.

Risks of Barn CCTV Cameras

megapixel ip dome cameraTampering and Vandalism – Any camera installed in a farm that is tampered with or vandalized, can cause video loss. We suggest you consider using vandal-proof housings for those cameras located in higher-risk areas.

Weather Damage – There are circumstances when weather proof cameras should be used and even required. Using cameras that are not designed to handle low temperatures and changing weather conditions could pose great problems for farm surveillance systems.

Farm CCTV Camera System Considerations

  • Has there been a history of theft at or around the farm?
  • Are there different facilities at the farm?
  • Do you currently have a security system in place?
  • Do you have a need to monitor your employee activities?
  • Will outdoor security cameras be needed?
  • Consider the farm’s key security risk areas, what are your high risk?

Barn Setup Advice for Security Cameras

  • Install cameras to cover facility exits and entrances as well as driveways to document images of those entering and leaving the farm.
  • Install cameras to record driveways so you may get detailed information of those that enter your property.
  • Have cameras monitor holding pens to keep an eye on animal behavior as well as employee’s working.
  • Monitor water supplies and fuel tanks with surveillance cameras to keep track of these trouble spots.
  • Feed lanes should also be monitored.
  • Protect tools and machinery from theft or vandalism with cameras positioned to cover their location.

Farm CCTV Security Cameras

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