The entertainment industry looks to surveillance to help monitor the thousands of spectators and visitors that attend their events. Sporting events and concerts typically draw a large number of customers that expect a safe environment. This is where a well installed entertainment surveillance system can help.

Security Cameras for Entertainment – The Benefits

You will never have enough staff to physically watch over everyone during a large event.

Surveillance cameras help to provide an additional set of eyes and ears that can monitor entire scenes, this allows security staff to swiftly respond to any suspicious activity and disturbances. There are many events that are hosted within the entertainment industry and in events such as museums, CCTV cameras help to monitor crowds and prevent theft of art and valuable works. New HD megapixel technology is vastly improving the effectiveness of security video surveillance, helping to improve security within the entertainment industry in many aspects, including the following:

Controlling crowds – Large crowds are never good when it comes to security. Disruptive behavior and violence can overshadow an event and have costly consequences. A video security camera system plays a huge role by providing security personnel with HD cystal clear views of the events, and gives staff the ability to focus individuals and on specific scenes of interest.

Event Safety – Getting into and out of an event can be difficult. Large amounts of crowds form an event, and exits and entrances can create a bottleneck when everyone is trying to get to same location. Security surveillance installed in these areas helps to lessening the impact of disturbances and interruptions for all those people coming and going. Security cameras can help you reroute or open a new entrance or exit way if the crowds become too large.

Building security – Any time you have an event you will always have key restricted access areas that need to be monitored. Video surveillance can insure that only registered guests and staff members have access to key entry areas of a facility.

Preventing theft – Having CCTV present reduces the odds of crime and theft, be it from employees or outsiders, by deterring thieves and helping to capture them in the act.

Ease of installation – HD surveillance systems are not complicated as they once were. Many of the cameras today are easily mountable and transmit live video feeds through a network and internet. This helps to make video surveillance more flexible to end users and proves to be more effective than ever before.

32ch NVRRemote Viewing – New HD surveillance with an NVR (network video recorder) allows management and security staff the capability viewing cameras over the internet. You are no longer limited to just viewing the cameras at the recorder, you can stream video to any Mac, PC, iPhone or Android device from anywhere in the world.

Entertainment Surveillance and Security

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