The elderly need to be monitored and looked after. Surveillance cameras are fantastic way to help protect and monitor a nursing home or elder care facility. Group homes and nursing homes are at an all time high as more and more retirees choose to make them their permanent residence. Security is top priority when you consider the record number of impaired and elderly people living in such large groups. A well installed CCTV system can be an effective way to keep staff, residents and the property safe from intruders, vandalism and theft.

Nursing Home CCTV Benefits

Ease of Install – Newer network video recorders and cameras simply require one wire between them to setup. It’s as easy as installing the camera and connecting the cable to the DVR.

Resident and employee protection – Exits and entrances being monitored by cameras will help to protect your employees and residents from possible intruders. In those circumstances where you have to carefully monitor residents that need more attention a properly placed indoor camera will help prevent confused or wondering residents that may be unsupervised.

Building SecuritySurveillance outdoor cameras covering your grounds and parking lots can prevent thieves from attempting a break-in, trying to steal cars or loitering your property.

Remote Video – Digital recorders such as NVRs (network video recorders) allow you to monitor the cameras from practically anywhere. Whether at your desk, smartphone or tablet, your surveillance cameras will always be accessible. This comes in very handy if you happen to manage multiple care facilities or simply have large nursing home – you can ensure that all your locations or buildings are safe without physically having to be in multiple locations at once.

Improved image – Digital HD video offers superior quality footage when compared to analog CCTV cameras, this makes it easier to quickly identify anyone that is in the cameras view. The cameras even offer digital zoom to get a close up.

CCTV System Risks in Rest Homes

Privacy Factor – It’s imperative that you protect the privacy of your residents and employees, install security cameras in public areas such as, reception areas, dining rooms, kitchens, sitting rooms, and entrances.

Security Camera Configuration at Nursing Facilities

When considering surveillance for an assisted living facility we suggest following:

  • What is your most important security issues?
  • Does your neighborhood or surroundings contribute to your security concerns?
  • Has there been a time where you wished you had caught an event on video?
  • Is employee theft a problem?
  • What facility type are you?
  • Are you a specialized facility, like alzheimer’s facility or memory care home?
  • Do you have full time resident living on the facility
  • A more general care facility such as a nursing home with optional specialized care giving

Assisted Care Facilities Setup and Advice

  • Install cameras at all reception and entryways areas so you may monitor and record a clear detailed shot of each visitor as they exit or enter.
  • Place security cameras in those open areas where residents or staff typically congregate: game rooms, rec areas, dining halls, activity areas, TV rooms and hallways.
  • Supply closets and stockrooms should be monitored as well to avoid and prevent theft.
  • Any areas that store or has medical equipment or medicine should be strictly monitored and recorded.
  • If you have several facilities or more than one building, consider an NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder) so you may monitor your cameras over the internet or local network.. You can use a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device to keep an eye on your locations.

Elder Care Security Cameras

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