ip camera system

Not everyone is hip to the network game. To this day the amount of calls we receive for help are 80% network related support calls. Yes, 80%. We have come to the simple conclusion that not everyone understands or will understand the small details involved when installing IP camera systems. Whether it’s bandwidth, resolution, bit-rate or a simple gigabit connection, it simply does not matter. All the features, bells and whistles found on IP cameras are a moot point when the technology is not properly utilized and deployed.4 channel nvr with 4 port poe

Not all is lost though, newer, simpler network video recorders have hit the market promising to simplify the network aspect of IP cameras. Newer standalone NVRs ( all in one DVRs, similar to home DVRs for those of you that are non-technical) offer plug and play connections which recognize the cameras the moment they are connected to the recorder. Instead of installers or consumers having to search for the cameras on the network or manually program each camera to the recorder the system does it by itself. This alleviates a huge headache for many. Customers or dealers will still have to open ports to view the cameras remotely on the internet but there are many websites that can help you with doing this. Camera resolution, bit-rate and compression is easily selectable in the NVR menu. These newer network video recorders offer simple plug and play solutions that are as easy as their analog coax counterparts. These newer NVRs offer a network connection on the back to directly plug the cameras into. This network jack will supply power directly to the camera so you do not have to run an extra power cable to the camera. Its basically a one wire connection. You will have a separate network connection that you will use to connect to your home or business network ( just like a PC or playstation) so you can view your cameras on the local network or internet. The NVR has its own separate power supply that comes with it and you normally will have a remote control and mouse that is included with each unit to make operation easier. These systems will normally offer features such as digital zoom during live and playback to take advantage of those HD camera resolutions. Most NVRs offer mobile applications to view the systems remotely from your iPhone, Android phone or tablet which is very similar to most analog cctv systems.

If you have been hesitant to install an iP camera system because of the complexity of the setup process we strongly suggest you reconsider. The future is here and and anyone can take advantage of it, yes, even you.