Cruise ships are floating cities with all the security needs of normal city and more. Cruise ships have a wide variety of areas that need to be monitored which makes their surveillance systems unique. When you consider that you need to monitor decks, lodging, casinos, restaurants ,pools, gyms, shops and a lot more, you get to better understand the complexity of cruise ships security needs.

Cruise ship surveillance security camera benefits

Crime Prevention – Visual surveillance cameras throughout the cruise ship help to deter crime and theft, and also helps to provide detailed surveillance footage to investigators when incidents occur.

Missing Passenger – Unfortunately there have been cases of missing passengers on cruise ships. CCTV cameras have shown to be effective in helping to solve missing persons or abducted individuals.

Liabilities – Security cameras help to reduce cruise ship liability claims in cases involving accidents, crimes and other incidents by providing visual documentation.

Employee Monitoring – Keeping a close on on employees with surveillance cameras is crucial to improving your training and day to day operations..

Terrorism Threats – Cruise ships are vulnerable to terrorism threats. Professional security cameras can help to monitor suspicious activity and even prevent possible terrorist plots.

Loss Reduction – Retail shops, casinos and bars can use surveillance video cameras to reduce losses from theft.

Security Cameras Cruise Liner Risks

Tampering Damage – Cameras that are damaged or tampered with risk losing their video signal and thus producing non recorded video.Consider using alternate security measures to back up for possible loss of video signals.

Privacy Concerns – All public areas of a cruise ship should have surveillance camera coverage but private areas such as bathrooms and passenger rooms should be considered off limits.

Cruise Ship CCTV Configuration

ip bullet cameraCruise liners should consider these key factors when installing surveillance cameras:

  • What security systems does your ship currently have in place?
  • Does your cruise ship currently have security staff and if so, what type?
  • Is there a casino present on your cruise liner?
  • Consider the ships layout. Do you have unique security needs?
  • Have you experienced thefts and crimes onboard the vessel?
  • Has there been claims, disputes and accidents that have taken place on the ship?
  • Have your casinos, retail shops or other areas experienced monetary losses?
  • How do you currently handle employee identification on the ship?

Setup Advice for Cruise Ship Surveillance Security Cameras

  • All cruise ship boarding areas should be monitored to capture video images of all passengers.
  • Casinos should have cameras installed over each playing table, slot machines and cashier areas.
  • All locations that exchange money should be tightly monitored by surveillance. This includes all restaurants, shops, and retail locations on board the ship.
  • Hallways and common areas that are used by employees and passengers should be monitored by surveillance.
  • Restricted areas should have security cameras to monitor that only authorized employees gain access.
  • All areas used to load or unload stock, cargo or luggage should be properly monitored.
  • The exterior of the ship should also be monitored to safeguard all passengers.

Cruise Ship Surveillance Security Cameras

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