Our children deserve to be safe and a well installed CCTV system is a perfect tool for Child Care centers. With many households now having both parents working, childcare has become an essential part of many children. A security camera system installed at your childcare center or day care will provide parents a piece of mind while helping to keep children safe.

Daycare Security Cameras – The Benefits

Ease of Install – Many of todays digital security camera systems offer easy installation. From simple plug and play IP camera systems to Wifi wireless ip cameras that set-up in minutes. Simply setup your wireless router and mount the ip cameras, and digital video recorder will self-configure.

Children and employee protection – Security cameras are your second pair of eyes and ears. A well designed video surveillance system will help you keep track of your staff and children at all times while helping to keep unwanted visitors and intruders out of your daycare.

Building Security – Burglar alarms, access control and CCTV cameras can work in tandem to help secure your building and keep it safe from intruders, thieves and vandals.

Remote viewing – New digital security camera systems allow you to remotely monitor and view your cameras from anywhere you have an internet connection. Daycare owners with multiple properties and multiple day care centers will be able to check in on any of them at any time. You have the option of providing parents with the web address to view the security video feeds in your playground, classroom or playroom so they may check on their children

Company Image – Video security cameras can help to enhance your school’s image by giving a good impression to all your potential customers while also giving current customers a peace of mind.

Security Camera Risk at Childcare Centers

Privacy Concerns – Its imperative that you protect the privacy of your staff, employees and all the children you care for, make sure to keep video security cameras in key public places such as playgrounds, playrooms, and nap areas.

Security Cameras Care Facilities Configuration

daycare security camera.jpgAll Day Care, (care centers, preschools, nannies, community centers, etc ) centers will vary in location and size. We suggest that you consider the following when installing and setting up your security surveillance system:

  • What is your neighborhood like? Does your area have security problems?
  • What is your most important security issue at the daycare?
  • How involved is your facility within the neighborhood
  • What security system do you have installed currently?
  • Have theft or break-ins occurred in the past?
  • Has there been past incidents you wished you would have caught on tape?

Day Care Security Camera Setup Advice

Install video cameras in those open areas at your daycare so children are constantly monitored during naptime, playtime, recess or lunch.

  • Parking lot cameras can help prevent vandalism or theft to staff and parent cars.
  • Cameras should always be installed at all exits and entrances so you may get a clear picture of all who enter or exit your building.
  • Protect your valuables (computers, safes, electronics, etc) by installing cameras within areas that house these items.

Child Care Video Security Cameras

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