Storage and warehouses facilities are perfect prospects for CCTV camera systems. Whenever you have large buildings and facilities that are spread out over widespread complexes it can be a challenge to protect and secure. With the use of wisely positioned security cameras, warehouse managers and owners can concentrate on at-risk areas and reduce the threat of crimes and theft.

Warehouse Surveillance Camera Benefits

Theft Reduction – Employing warehouse surveillance cameras with obvious security will certainly discourage theft.

Securing the BuildingHD security cameras make current security measures much more versatile . Installing warehouse CCTV cameras allows guards to conduct far more patrols and directly safeguard your building rather than observing monitors all day long.

Off Site MonitoringDigital video recorders (DVRS) and Network video recorders (NVRs) broadcast video footage from your security camera system over the internet. This allows you manage to monitor and manage multiple warehouses or large facilities very easily. DVRs or NVRs allow you to see or check up on any warehouse surveillance camera any time from your Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone from anywhere in the world..

Warehouse Security Camera Risks

Privacy Protection – Preserve the privacy of your current staff by maintaining a warehouse surveillance camera in public areas such as storeroom areas and office spaces , and away from break rooms and restrooms.

Vandalism and Theft – Surveillance cameras are often the target of thieves during break ins. There are occacions where a warehouse CCTV camera will be stolen or even vandalized. A damaged or stolen camera can cause serious disruptions to your security camera system.

Power Outages – Electrical blackouts or surges could potentially cause interruptions or damage to your surveillance cameras . Make sure to include an alternate security system to safeguard your warehouse in the event you encounter difficulties with your power.

Warehouse Surveillance Setup and Questions

Surveillance requirements of warehouses as well as other storage facilities will depend on a lot of variables .Take into account every one of the following while configuring your security system :

  • Precisely what do you believe to be your greatest security threat?
  • What are the things you wish you might have captured on camera within the last year?
  • What type of materials do you stock ( e .g . raw supplies similar to timber or metals ,retail merchandise , etc ) and exactly how are they organized?
  • Which security measures do you already have set up?
  • Do you believe that your current location plays a role in your all round security?

Warehouse Surveillance Camera Configuration Advice

  • Position surveillance cameras in wide open areas such as warehouse floors
  • Position video cameras at all entry doors and exit doors , this includes your shipping and delivery as well as receiving areas , to document all inbound visitors .
  • Position fixed video cameras in places where things of value are stored
  • Video cameras in offices and management areas will help decrease theft of business documents and petty cash .
  • Exterior cameras help to protect the facility and building from vandalism and theft while documenting all visitors. Exterior cameras also helps to protect and monitor parking lots where employees and staff are vulnerable especially at night.

CCTV Surveillance for Warehouse and Storage Security

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