Museums store and house some of the most precious and valuable collections in the world. Monitoring these works of art is necessary and is a huge undertaking. Works of art are always prime targets for thieves. A well installed video surveillance system will help to protect a museum’s art collections from possible acts of vandalism and thievery. Lets look into CCTV Security Cameras for Museums and their benefits.

Museum Security Surveillance Systems Benefits

Ease of installation – Museums can often be very difficult to wire because of their assets and building structure. New IP surveillance camera technology offer easy-to-install systems that simply use one wire for installation. These cameras offer outstanding flexibility. IP cameras can be installed throughout the museum, and communicate through a local IP network with no complicated wiring setup. Many if these cameras are even offered in WiFi.

Remote accessing – New NVRs (network video recorders) and DVRs (digital video records) allow for remote live viewing over the local network or Internet. Security staff and guards can monitor security video footage and even remote control security cameras from any tablet, smartphone or PC with Internet access. This allows them to roam the property as well to show a physical presence.

Theft Prevention – Besides monitoring fine works of art security cameras can tightly monitor other display areas, retail locations, eating areas, storage rooms, and other possible locations throughout the museum. The cameras will help you watch for suspicious activity and potential theft.

Employee Theft – Unfortunately employee theft is always a threat. Video security cameras help to keep a close watch on all your employees as they do their work in the museum, and cameras help deter employees from theft.

Vandalism Protection – With priceless works of art any defacement done to piece can be a major problem for a museum. Especially those pieces which are displayed right within the public’s reach. Surveillance cameras help to deter acts of vandalism and enables security personnel to possibly spot any potential threats.

Exhibition Security Camera Risks

Privacy Concerns – There is no doubt to that cameras should be placed throughout a museum, but there are several areas in where cameras should be considered off limits such as employee restrooms.

Damage and Vandalism – Any time you have cameras installed in public areas there is a chance that they may suffer potential damage from vandalism or tampering. You should always have backup security measures in the event a camera video signal is lost.

Gallery Security Camera Configuration Questions

3 Megapixel IP Dome CameraThough museum’s house large works of art with monetary value, you cannot replace one-of-a-kind pieces of art and thus protecting these assets is of the utmost importance. We suggest that you consider the following when installing a video surveillance system for your museum:

  • What are biggest security threats?
  • Is your security personnel understaffed?
  • What security systems do currently have installed at the museum?
  • How do you have your collections displayed in the museum?
  • Do you store other collections which are not displayed?
  • Is staff currently situated at all entrances and exits?
  • Has there been theft at the museum in the past?
  • Have you experienced acts of vandalism?
  • Do you consider employee theft a concern?
  • What key areas of the museum are most prone to possible theft and vandalism?
  • What current value do you place on your collection display?
  • What areas house your most valuable pieces?

Art Show Surveillance Setup Advice

  • Install cameras at all exits and entrances to monitor all those entering and leaving the exhibition hall, museum, or gallery.
  • All rooms containing art collections should have cameras installed to properly monitor them.
  • Those areas that house high valuable works should be payed special attention to.
  • Install surveillance cameras in those storage areas containing additional collections or items.
  • All loading areas should be monitored and recorded.

CCTV Security Cameras for Museums

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