Construction sites have a plethora of security challenges and issues, these may include vandalism, accidents, and possible theft of raw supplies like timber, aluminum,and copper wire and pipes. A well thought out cctv security camera system for a construction site is an important step for ensuring the safety and security of your location.

Construction CCTV Benefits

Ease to Instal – Many of todays HD security cameras can be transmitted via WiFi. These wireless cameras provide high quality resolution with the flexibility of having the cameras installed virtually anywhere.

Preventing Theft – Having visible security cameras present on your construction site will help to prevent possible intruders and limit the potential for theft.

Efficient Workforce – Besides increasing security , the existence of a security video camera could possibly aid in settling lengthy disagreements with customers or inspectors, not to mention motivating the productiveness of your workforce throughout the work-day.

Construction Surveillance Cameras Risks

Damages – Installed on site, a construction security camera is vulnerable to much more hazards when compared to other locations. CCTV cameras supervising heavy equipment as well as raw fabrication materials are susceptible to damage.

Inclement Weather – No one can properly predict the weather and storms can happen at any time. Security cameras monitoring an current constructions sites may very well be damaged by high winds, debris or even heavy rain.

Vandalism & Theft CCTV cameras installed out in open may appeal to burglars and thieves, especially on a construction site that is often left unattended. In the event one of the security cameras is stolen, you want to be sure you have secondary backup system in place that will help protect your equipment and site.

Configuration Questions for Building Sites

CCTV camera surveillance is valuable addition to construction sites, but there many things to consider before selecting correct system for your needs:

  • Consider what may be your most important security threat?
  • Has there been theft at your site or sites in the past? If so, what type and where?
  • Has there been an instance where you wished you had caught an incident on video?
  • Is there security in place now?
  • Does the neighborhood or surroundings contribute to your security concerns?
    • Construction projects located in residential areas tend to experience much less issue than sites located in industrial zones

Construction Surveillance Camera Setup Advice

  • We highly suggest that you install fixed cctv cameras on your construction supplies if you plan on leaving storage spaces and tools on-site overnight. This will prevent items from being stolen.
  • Install cameras around the sites perimeter to help deter potential vandals and thieves from entering your construction work area.

CCTV Security Camera Systems for Construction Sites

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