There are many benefits to using CCTV camera systems at Marinas. With the constant stream of visitors arriving via boat and land to visit restaurants, gift shops, and fuel stations, marinas have a complex mix of surveillance needs. A professional marine security camera system will not only help protect your property but also the property of those who dock their boats at the marina.

Marina CCTV Surveillance System Benefits

Scalability Factor – New HD video camera systems offer the key benefit of flexibility to marinas. HD IP cameras systems can grow as the marina needs more cameras. With the addition of WiFi IP cameras, marinas can easily add cameras that normally would be to difficult to wire.

Vandalism and Crime Prevention – Marina security cameras that are properly installed help to curb acts of vandalism or potential crimes to the marinas property or boats they house. In the event a criminal acts is committed, the CCTV cameras will document and provide the evidence needed for prosecution. Surveillance cameras also act as deterrents and help stop possible criminal activity.

Enhance Marina Security – Having CCTV cameras present and visible helps to enhance the feeling of safety. Visitors using the marina services at night night will have the added sense of security knowing full well that security cameras are continuously monitoring the marina.

Liability Concerns – Having recorded video at the marina will help to reduce any liability cases that may involve accidents or crimes on the boats, docks, or other marina facilities.

Loss Reduction – Marinas are known for providing a wide variety of services. With restaurants, fuel stations and gifts shops on the premise security cameras help to reduce losses from theft or crime. Installing CCTV cameras at key points such as exits and entrances and at cash registers will help further protect the marina.

Security Risks at Marinas

Vandalism Threat – Any time a camera is tampered with you have the risk of losing video. We suggest you use tamper proof cameras to help offset possible vandalism.

Marina Security Surveillance System Configuration

There are key factors to consider when selecting a surveillance system for marinas. We suggest you consider the following.:

  • Do you currently employ security staff to patrol the marina?
  • Is a security system currently present at the marina?
  • What criminal activity has occurred at the marina in the past?
  • Has there been issues with vandalism to the facilities or equipment?
  • Do you currently control access to the marina?
  • Do you have a high traffic location?
  • How do you currently control access to the marina and boats?
  • How do you monitor your marina at night and after hours?

Marina CCTV Camera Setup Advice

  • All marina visitors entering or exiting should be monitored and recorded with security cameras.
  • Record and monitor all marina visitors approaching by boat as well as those visiting their docked vessels.
  • Boat ramps, loading zones and unloading zones should have cameras installed.
  • All retail locations and shops should have security cameras present to prevent theft and criminal acts.
  • Parking lots should also have CCTV cameras to help prevent vandalism and break-in attempts.

CCTV Camera Systems for Marinas

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