When you consider the inventory value and the amount of foot traffic a dealership has you have the perfect scenario for video surveillance. Automobiles vary in price considerably, depending on its make, year, model and features, prices range from a few thousand to as much as hundred thousand dollars. Inventory is largely left out in the parking lots which leaves millions of dollars in inventory exposed to crime, theft, and harmful weather for hours at a time.

Dealership Surveillance Benefits

Theft Prevention – Similar to other retail stores, money is the bottom line for dealerships. Potential profits means protecting inventory and potential profit. Inventory protection is extremely important. Security video surveillance cameras installed on the lots can help prevent crime and thieves from stealing cars, as well as help identify any any suspicious characters roaming the lots.

Visitor and customers tracking – Consumer habits and showroom layout can provide with invaluable information. Knowing what cars attract the most customers and where most of your foot traffic is coming from can help you better prepare your sales reps. Tracking customer’s habits, determining what cars they look at versus the ones they actually purchase can offer valuable information for inventory, marketing and your sales staff. Video security cameras can help you keep count as well as track customers as walk around your property.

Customer, Employee and Building Protection – Surveillance cameras offer an invaluable service to your security staff, security cameras can keep your staff posted about all possible security issues that may arise during the day. Newer technology allows your security staff to monitor the site during their round right from their tablet or mobile device. They can even receive alerts directly on their mobile devices so they may quickly respond accordingly.

Integration is the Future – Integrating past technologies with present ones is very important. The ability to use current wiring and older cameras with more advanced HD cameras is key. This allows you to keep costs down while still being able to upgrade to higher resolution cameras. The latest technology on the market allows you to use existing cabling and even cameras and mix them with new HD cameras on the same system. You may even integrate existing burglar alarm systems or access control systems with the latest digital video recorders.

Auto Wholesaler Surveillance Risks

Customer Privacy – Keep security camera installations to key public areas like parking lots, showrooms, and lobbies. Keep the cameras in areas where employees and customers are expected to be monitored. Those areas where employees or customers expect privacy such as break rooms or bathrooms should not be monitored by surveillance.

Vandalism or Damage – Security cameras monitoring automobiles parked on outside lots, are most susceptible to weather damage. Damaged surveillance cameras will lead to video interruptions, this makes inventory susceptible theft or damage. Make sure to install vandal proof cameras with a good outdoor rating to minimize camera damage.

Relying on Surveillance – Video surveillance is a very effective security solution for any auto dealership. We do however suggest that it should not be used as only security system. Video surveillance should supplement an existing security system such as auto car alarms as well as security guards.

Auto Wholesaler Surveillance System Considerations

There are a wide variety of factors one should consider when installing the perfect security system. We suggest you consider the following when installing a security system:

  • How many theft or crimes have you had in the last year?
  • What area is most vulnerable, security-wise? What part of your dealership needs attention?
  • Car theft rings are common. Have you had an issues with car theft?
  • What do you currently have installed now? Currently what kind of security system or systems do you have in place?

Dealership Security Cameras Best Practices

  • All outdoor cameras should be in protective housings to shield them against wind, weather and acts of God.
  • Placement of outdoor cameras is crucial, make sure you do not have any blind spots on your lot, especially those outlying spaces. Mix various types of cameras (e.g. dome cameras and bullet cameras) to provide gather various types of video footage. The different cameras will network together and offer a comprehensive system with different views.
  • Remember to install cameras in maintenance and storage areas to help prevent theft of valuable equipment and/or customer belongings.

Car Dealership Video Surveillance

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