What is Line Crossing?

Line crossing allows you to add a line or lines on a specific camera that should not be crossed. If a set line is crossed you can have the NVR begin recording, send an alert or even sound an alarm. Line crossing is ideal for fence detection, property monitoring and parking areas that should not be entered. Looking at the example video you can see the individual turns red the moment he crosses the defined line.

Protect Key Areas

Line crossing allows you to watch key areas and look for specific movement. Only objects crossing the determined line will trigger an action. This is much better than normal motion detection that picks up movement only. 

Close Quotes

Be different. Sell your customers on Line Crossing and its benefits. Protect your customers properties with virtual fencing and alert them when someone crosses the property. This keeps false recording and alerts to a minimum.  

Fast Search

Finding events let alone individuals can be very hard to do when you have months of video. Megapixall Line Crossing allows you to easily find when a line has been crossed and view the video quickly. 


Use Line Crossing together with alerts to push notifications directly to your customers mobile phones. Once a line has been crossed in a pre-determined area you can have our NVR send your customer a push alert for instant viewing and playback. 

Line Crossing Setup

Megapixall Line Crossing is very simple to setup and deploy.
Follow these 6 Steps.


Begin by selecting VCA and Cross Line Detection in the NVR menu. Next select the camera you would like to setup line crossing on.


Now select ON to activate Cross Line Detection. You can draw up to 4 Lines on one camera. Select the start drawing button to begin to draw the line in the area you would like the line to appear. 


 If needed draw a second line in the desired location. You can also expand or move the line where needed. 


Next select the direction you would like to trigger the line crossing and set the sensitivity. 


 Next select arming schedule. This allows you to select the days and hours you would like the line crossing function to work. Click arming and save.


 Select Trigger Actions and select the channel number that coincides with the camera you selected to record line detection and click save. You're done.

Complete Setup Video

Quick setup and video guide for Line Detection.


Demo of line crossing playback and search on Megapixall Eclipse NVRs.

Watch video


Line Crossing FAQ's

Yes. You can draw up to 4 different lines on one camera and control them independently.

Line crossing can be used in both residential and commercial properties. It's a perfect solution to monitor a key area of concern that needs to be monitored. The person or object needs to crosses the line to activate so it is ideal for those circumstances when you need to be notified.

Line crossing is perfect for monitoring fence lines and driveways. The right setup will alert you when someone jumps a fence or crosses your driveway.

People counting is the only analytic function that needs to work independently. 

Face detection/Intrusion/Cross line can all work together, for a total
configuration up to 8 analytics

Line crossing is completely free and there is no additional license or fees charged for this feature. As long as the Signature camera supports Line Crossing you can use is free of charge.

Yes, Line Crossing can trigger recording just like motion detection and even send you alerts as it happens directly to your mobile phone.

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