Add Value

Add value to your quotes by offering face detection to your customers. Customers want more for their money and face detection gives your customers just that. Differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Easy Setup

The word analytics may sound scary but the installation and setup could not get any easier. Megapixall analytics will offer your customers a wide range of features that they simply did not consider. 

Fast Search

Finding events let alone individuals can be very hard to do when you have months of video. Megapixall Face Detection allows you to easily find detected faces and view them as thumbnails to quickly playback an event. 


Use Face Detection together with alerts to push notifications directly to your customers mobile phones. Once a face is detected in a pre-determined area you can have our NVR send your customer a push alert for instant viewing and playback. 

Face Detection Setup

Megapixall Face Detection is very simple to setup and deploy.
Follow these 6 Steps.


Enter camera menu and select VCA then select Face Detection.


Select the camera that you want to setup face detection on.


Turn on Face Detection for this camera. Select detect all faces if you would like to detect all faces within the yellow box.


Now click on Start Drawing and proceed to draw a square around the area you want to capture faces. Click on finish drawing when done.


Next select arming schedule. This allows you to select the days and hours you would like the face detection function to work. Click arming and save.


Select Trigger Actions and select the channel number that coincides with the camera you selected to record face detection and click save.

Thumbnail Search

Searching for incidents can be very time consuming and daunting. Face detection allows you to easily compile a thumbnail search for individual faces so you can easily search for the person of interest. Once you find the individual you can quickly press on the thumbnail of interest to playback a quick clip of that scene. This cuts down on search time and take you directly to the events that you need to playback quickly. 


Setup Video

Quick setup and video guide for face detection.

Face Detection Playback

Quickly find and playback detected faces with our Megapixall thumbnail playback system.


Face Detection FAQ's

Face Detection detects people faces and can be used to trigger alarms. It helps to reduce false alarm in general.

Motion detection detects all moving objects, including trees or animals and can cause false recordings.

Face detection is perfect for entry or exit locations, residential front doors and escalators. It should not be used in places with large crowds. 

Up to 16 faces can be detected at the same time

People counting is the only analytic function that needs to work independently . 

Face detection/Intrusion/Cross line can all work together, for a total
configuration up to 8 analytics

Face detection is completly free and there is no additional license or fees charged for this feature. As long as the Megapixall camera supports Face Detection you can use is free of charge. 

Yes, face detection can trigger recording just like motion detection and even send you alerts as it happens directly to your mobile phone.

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