Almost Perfect 8 Channel Home Security Camera System | NVR | Quick Review

8 Channel Home Security Camera System

The Vimage (VMNV8POE) is a very small and compact Network Video Recorder. This 8 Channel NVR takes a very different approach to its case design. Unlike most NVRs on the market this NVR has no physical buttons on the front. There is no way to manipulate the NVR menu or functions with physical buttons. You fully control the NVR using the included mouse. You also have the option of programming the NVR via a PC by entering the NVR menu via a web browser. The lack of buttons should not concern you and I for one, love this approach. The design resembles that of my old Mac Time machine, all white, rounded corners and all the connections are found on the back of the device. The product has a solid build and does not feel cheap when holding it. The compact size should allow most consumers to install the NVR in a media center cabinet or even expose the NVR on a small table.

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