IP Security Cams

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IP Security Cams

IP cameras are measured in Megapixels and offer HD Recording as high as 4K

Digital cameras are measured in megapixel resolution rather than Analog TV Lines. Older analog systems use TV Lines as their measurement for quality and video size. We offer IP security cameras in various resolutions including 1080p 2, 3, 4 & 5 Megapixel and high end 4K 8 and 12 MP.

Security NVR vs DVR, which one do I purchase? Lets review the choices.

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Digital video recorders and network video recorders come in various different models and types. Understanding what to look for is important and even more important is understanding what you need. Lets review the various types of CCTV security recorders to better understand what to look for.

Benefits of Surveillance Camera Video Recorders

Camera Channels - NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and DVRs(Digital Video Recorders) come in various sizes. Typically you will see these systems in 4, 8, 16 and 32 channel (camera) systems. Having 16 channels will allow you to have 16 cameras on one system. This means you can record 16 cameras on one system. Most people tend to go with these recorders because of the large capacity of camera channels they can use. Even if you only need 5 cameras to start, a 16ch NVR or DVR will allow you to have growing room.

HD-CVI Versus HD-SDI and IP Cameras

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HD-CVI Versus HD-SDI and IP Cameras


Longer Transmission Distance.

Both HD-SDI and HDCVI can transfer HD video @720p/1080p, but HDCVI currently has the distinct advantage of transmission distance. HD-SDI in general transmission of media reaches 100 meters at most, while HDCVI can transmit 500 meters by using 75-3 cable and offers low signal distortion rate.

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