When you think about complexes and apartment buildings you typically think large scale communities that are constantly changing in their population of residents. Most of whom are complete strangers to one another . When you have that many people situated in one location the risk of vandalism and theft can be high. Installing well designed surveillance system for your apartment complex can help boast a secure living environment for all residents.

Apartment Complex CCTV Benefits

Easy of install - With new HD cameras that most people can now install themselves you can easily choose where to place your cameras and reconfigure them at any time depending on your needs. With the introduction of WiFi antennas you can now place cameras all accross your parking areas without the need of cabling or digging trenches.

Securing the public - Not only does video surveillance help keep residents safe but the it also provides public safety to those visiting. Tenants will feel more secure knowing that camera are protecting their property and that security cameras are looking out for them. Installing a security camera at the main entrance can help prevent possible intruders from slipping in through secure and locked entrances. Cameras also help to discourage crime and violence from occurring on your premises.

HD images - With HD cameras you receive high quality digital video that provides fine detail. Unlike older analog cctv cameras that transmit very small dull images.

Playback anytime - With digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) you have the ability to playback your HD video from anywhere you have a remote internet connection, this includes your tablet or smartphone.

Risks of Apartment Security Cameras

All condominium complexes and apartment buildings range size and type and each location requires a different type of security system to gain the best best protection. Here are some factors to consider when you are setting up your video surveillance system:

  • Privacy for Tenant - When installing apartment security cameras one should only install the cameras in public places such as parking lots, entrances, and laundry rooms to help better protect tenant privacy. Use caution when installing the cameras and make sure they do not point into tenant doors or windows.
  • Vandalising - One of the many problems with apartment complexes is the amount of people that exit and enter the property on a daily basis. This makes it possible for would be vandals to easily slip in the property undetected and commit a crime, damage your property or even vandalise your camera system.
  • Power Outages - Acts of God and power outages, and surges can cause havoc and disruptions to your apartment security camera system. Though rare, it's important to take precautions and properly protect your security camera system from this possibility.
  • Damage to Outdoor Cameras - Weather can cause major damage to security cameras installed in outdoor areas such as pools, parking lots, and courtyards. Make sure to use properly protected surveillance cameras to keep possible damage down.

Apartment Building Video System Configuration

The landscape is changing everyday and apartments are part of housing landscape - whether is a small town, urban area, suburban area, or even rural area apartment complexes are pop up everywhere. Neighborhoods play a huge role in determining security. Tenants, landscaping and architectural features can all help to determine safety needs or concerns. We suggest that you take the following considerations into account when installing and shopping for a system of security cameras for an apartment building:

  • Do you currently have cameras in place?
  • If so, what do these cameras currently lack?
  • Consider your biggest security issue at your building or complex?
  • Consider the current tenants. What are they like? Do you have turnover rate?
  • What issues or problems have occurred in the public areas of the apartment complex?
  • What is the layout of the apartments? Are they spread out over a large complex or all grouped together?
  • Do tenants currently park out in the open or do they have carports or a parking garage?
  • What is the lighting like at night? Is it dark or well lit?

Apartment Security Camera Systems Setup Advice

  • Secure public areas such as building entrances, parking garages, mail rooms, and laundry areas.
  • Consider the possibility of using WiFi IP cameras to easily cover areas that are further away. This will allow for easy expansion and the ability to always move the cameras is need be.
  • All cameras installed outdoors should be in protective housings so they may be protected from the exposed elements
  • If tenants currently pay rent on site consider placing cameras in administrative areas and the management office.

Apartment Security Camera Systems

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