Is this a battle of acronyms or a battle of technologies? Let us look at the real importance of these new products and what you should really be buying or selling.

One of the most important features when it comes to surveillance security cameras is the compatibility factor and it’s the one point most vendors do not touch upon when selling surveillance. During the last year there have been many new technologies that have entered the market place and they all want to claim their stake within the security industry. AHD, HDTVI, HD-CVI, and HD-SDI are just some of the latest technologies to enter the market and they are all looking for equal playing time. So what should we look for? What should we buy?

Lets answer these questions differently. Instead of getting into a technical dogfight between the technology differences, let's look at how these technologies can be sold, serviced and offered. There has been a growing trend among many wholesale security distributors to simply purchase the lowest costing system, slap their OEM logo on the product and sell the product in very high volume. This is great for business but is it great for consumers, dealers or installers?

AHD, HDTVI, HD-CVI, and HD-SDI Digital video recordersThere are many reasons for this but typically, it's because the 16 channel ( or 4 and 8 channel dvrs ) may be less expensive from one vendor than the other and the cost difference will dictate the purchase. Even though they are different systems altogether, the point is to sell more, compatibility be damned.

Installers are constantly being bombarded by vendors trying to get them to buy the latest in technology with low prices as their lone bullet. It’s only after they make a purchase that they realize that the DVR and cameras they just bought are different from their predecessors. This makes selling or upgrading systems very difficult for installers. Limited camera models, different digital video recorders and different features narrow down your selling capability and customer options. The very same features and functions you have been selling to your customers are now different and no longer apply. It creates more work and added stress to now sell another product that is completely different from your other offerings.

From a customer's point of view a consumer may purchase one system for his home and another for his business and they will both look and work totally different from one another. The PC app and smartphone apps would also be different. This causes nothing but confusion and makes using the systems a chore to say the least. Customers should have the ability to use the same software, menu and apps across the board no matter the technology they use and this is rarely the case. Many security distributors sell based on what they can purchase and resell without considering the ease of use, technical support or product features. What use is carrying or selling HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, IP, HDSDI and IP cameras if you have a different recorder and software for each technology? Is it not better to have these product fall under the same umbrella and work with same software and phone apps? Dealers would simply have to learn one system no matter the technology and customers can be confident that any of their locations will will be operable from the same software.

This is just one of the various reasons why I decided to start selling and offering surveillance products directly. I cannot control what others sell or offer but I can control what I offer customers, dealers and integrators. A consistent product that simplifies their sales, service and installation.

Carrying a product technology simply because it's cheaper or less expensive is the wrong way to go if you can’t offer consistency and compatibility with everything else you sell. Use any acronym you want to sell the latest and greatest but if you can’t deliver a consistent product and service the only acronym you should be using is GOB for going out of business.