Wi-Fi Repeater GUIDE

1.1 Production Introduction 

Wi-Fi repeater product is used to extend the signal strength and coverage of your Wi-Fi router. 

1 .Wi-Fi loses signal strength when passing through the wall, glass or other objects. Our Wi-Fi repeater will help to expand and increase the signal strength of your W-Fi network. 

2. The Wi-Fi repeater is programmed during the final stages of setting up your Smart Plug, the Wi-Fi repeater function is used to amplify the high frequency modulated signal to help boost the transmission power requirements. 

3. There are two types of Wi-Fi Repeaters, the first type is usually integrated into an AP or Wireless Router and tends to have limited power, generally about 400mW. The second type of Wi-Fi repeater like, the ECL-SM310, offers more power that can reach 0.5W,1W,2W,4W, etc. This type of repeater is used as a long-range wireless transmitter that can extend the signal outdoors or expand the distance of Wi-Fi throughout a home. 

1.2 Main Features 

High speed wireless access 

The ECL-SM310 supports a 2.4G wireless access function which uses MIMO multi-transceiver technology with a 2T * 2R built-in antenna and high-power RF design which can achieve 300Mbit / s high-speed wireless connectivity that provides superior wireless signal penetration & capacity. 

Press-one-key for Pair security management 

The WPS key establishes a secure wireless data transfer connection between the ECL-SM310 device and a wireless network. 

Convenient and secure configuration management 

The ECL-SM310 provides Web-based configuration management page, with Web configuration page password protection, which ensures the security of user’s information. 

1.3 Product specification 

Interface features 

•    2.4G built-in antenna (wireless communication interface) *2pcs 

•    5pcs LED lights: Power lights*1 pcs, WPS lights*1 pcs. Wireless WLAN strength lights*3pcs 

•    2pcs buttons: Reset button, WPS button 

Wireless function 

•    Wireless on / off 

•    SSID configuration 

•    Maximum number of supported users: 24 users 

•    Wireless network mode auto selection: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11 n, 802.11 b / g, 802.11 b/g/n 

•    Wireless network security: WEP (64/128), TKIP, AES encryption; WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK authentication mechanism 

•    WPS function 

Maintenance management 

Supports local configuration management and firmware upgrade of the device through the Web interface. 

Supports Web interface for bridging & routing modes. Switch between the two operating modes. 

Power Specifications 

•    Power supply: 5V 1A DC 

•    Power consumption: <5W 

Environmental specifications 

•    Operating ambient temperature: 0 °C to 40 C (32 °F to 104 

•    Storage temperature: -40C to+70 C (-40 T to+158 °F) 

•    Working environment humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing 

Physical specifications 

•    Size (102*38*34.5mm): 

2. Hardware description 

2.1 Interface and buttons 

megapixall wifi repeater

2.2 Indicator light 

wps instructions

3. Fast Installation guide 

1. Connect ECL-SM310 to your network settings 

Plug in the ECL-SM310 smart plug into an outlet and power on. Next enter the Wi-Fi settings menu on your mobile phone or laptop. Find and select the network named “WF8300-XXXX” 

megapixall wifi repeater wifi settings

2. Once your phone or laptop has connected to WF8300-XXXX network, a pop-up screen will appear. 

thanks for suing extender ,megapixall

NOTE: If there is no pop-up screen. Please open the web browser and enter 

( the default IP address for the device) in the address bar. 

Note: If you do not see page or cannot log into, please make sure the device is defaulted to factory settings. You can reset the Wi-Fi Repeater by simply pressing the reset button for 5 to 8 seconds, and wait for the device to restart. 

3. Click the ‘start’ button to enter the Wi-Fi search page. 

extender settings megapixall

4. Select your existing home network or network you would like to expand. (for this example, “MotoFrank” is my existing network) 

4. Select your existing home network or network you would like to expand. (for this example, “MotoFrank” is my existing network)

5. Enter your existing password for the network you selected and click “Next”. 

settings finished

6. Once the device has connected you see the setting interface finished page. 

Click “Finish setting” to complete the setup. (If you ever change the wireless user name and password to your wireless network you will have to reprogram the repeater again). 

7. Now please go back to your Wi-Fi settings page in your mobile phone or laptop and select the extended network you just created, example (MotoFrank-Plus) and use the same password for existing Wi-Fi network. (MotoFrank) 

join network

7. Troubleshooting 

1. Restore the factory default settings: When the device is powered on, press the RESET button for about 5-8 seconds until the wireless light turn off, then release the button. 

2. If you cannot connect to the network, please reset to factory defaults as stated above and follow the previous steps to reconfigure.