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Security system video is usually transported over coaxial wire such as RG-59 or Siamese cable along with the other alternative of CCTV Video Transmission over baluns . Typically video may be transported over almost any pair of wires . This is often especially useful for those who have existent not used network or phone cabling positioned in the locations you need video surveillance . A number of installations are accomplished utilizing merely twisted pair wire just like CAT5 to offer the possibility for future upgrades to IP style cameras in the foreseeable future . Baluns enable you to utilize CAT5 UTP cabling or maybe another pair of wires to broadcast your security surveillance video . Baluns can be found in single pair , which is able to accommodate 1 video camera , or in 8 or 16 channel models which could support numerous cameras . Baluns can also be found in Active or Passive designs . Passive Baluns are unpowered and basically transform from a BNC form connection to twisted pair cable . The distance possible using these Baluns is around 750 feet utilizing CAT5 cable . Active Baluns are power-driven and produce increased transmission that allows you to broadcast as much as 5000 feet over CAT5 .

Video Transmission

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Single Channel Passive Video Balun, screw post terminals
BNC to BNC Video Ground Loop Isolator
Single Channel Passive Video Balun with Ground Loop Isolator, screw post terminals
4 Channel Passive Video Balun
4 Channel Active Balun Transmitter
4 Channel Active Video Balun Receiver
16 Channel Passive Video Balun Transceiver
This is a Video Balun for CVI, TVI and AHD which allows you to connect a Camera to a DVR via Ethernet cable using the twisted pairs.
Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Bridge
Wall/Window Mount for Nanostation wireless devices
Single Channel PTZ Balun with Video, Power and RS485 for PTZ Control
CVI-AHD-TVI Video Balun (Pair)
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