We offer numerous options when considering complete surveillance camera systems .


This is a fairly overall breakdown of the different alternatives :



HD-TVI Surveillance Camera Security Systems


HD-TVI is a well known alternative to popular HD-CVI that operates by transforming the digital video signal to analog by using common RG59/6 together with a power supply . It provides a long transmission range of 300-500 meters and facilitates High definition video transmission ( 1080P/720P ) , audio transmission and electronic digital video transmissions over the very same coaxial cable .


These kinds of complete security systems consist of our DVRs which are not just TVI enabled but may also be utilized with many different Analog , AHD as well as certain IP Network video cameras ! We now have DVRs readily available that vary in size and features based on exactly what your requirements are . Package deals are available with our most competitive in megapixel surveillance video cameras a lot of bundles can include both dome as well as bullets to provide you with a number of choices and wide variety . Almost all the surveillance cameras contain built in Infrared so that you can see totally darkness , high quality CMOS Sensors that assist to provide vibrant images together with fixed lenses which are sized perfect for a number of circumstances . Keep in mind that these are generally pre selected bundles that may be modified as you need to by anyone of our very helpful staff members . Many of our bundles provide premade Hi-def Siamese cabling which are simple to use plug in and play which can be upgraded to boxes of Siamese cable should you choose . The amount of hard disk drive slots is going to be determined by the dimensions of the model you select and we don’t include hard disk drives with or bundles yet we you have the option of selecting the hard disk drive size that is appropriate for your needs . Most of our recorders , no matter selling price, support our totally free Apple iphone , Apple ipad , Android as well as Android Tablet programs along with our video management software that allows one to connect with several DVRs , NVRs as well as IP video cameras at the same time .

HD-CVI Surveillance Camera Bundles


Second up is our HD-CVI Surveillance Camera Bundle which additionally functions by employing the identical RG59 or RG6 coaxial wire to broadcast the equivalent signals to give you high definition surveillance video . These types of DVRs are incredibly equivalent to the HD-TVI models with the greatest distinction being that they will integrate HD-CVI rather than HD-TVI .


There’s actually little to state with regards to differences . These types of DVRs are simply as competent as any one of our different DVRs and most of the features of each oneis identical or comparable . The capability to utilize these types of DVRs with various kinds of alternative technologies ( HD-CVI , Analog , AHD as well as IP ) remains the same as is the method to maximize the total storage space according to the device as well as your specifications . We additionally have the ability of tailoring these types of pre-designed bundles according to your needs and requirements . Don’t forget , we’re here to assist you as needed . Our US based tech support agents are able to log onto your computer remotely if needed and configure your cameras , adjust settings and troubleshoot remotely !

Network IP surveillance camera systems

Although many of our DVRs are designed for handling numerous IP Network surveillance cameras , we have now also put together a few complete IP Network Surveillance Bundles for anyone looking for the highest possible megapixel features achievable .


There are many advantages to utilizing our network recorders as well as these bundles are made with a lot consideration regarding the requirements of residential home and business owners . Given that an increase in in brand new homes are designed and pre wired with CAT5E as well as CAT6 Network Wire , it is less expensive to deploy an IP Network surveillance system . The NVRs we provide will record most of the highest possible megapixel video around . These types of NVRs function virtually the just like most of our DVRs . Our NVRs are generally ONVIF compliant therefore the majority of brand names of IP surveillance cameras which are also ONVIF compliant work with our NVRs . We offer a wide selection of surveillance cameras from bullets as well as domes to PTZs ( Pan Tilt Zoom ) and wi-fi which will meet your requirements and also help make you feel protected at your residence or small business . The GUI , menu and solutions are practically the same so if you understand how to work with our DVRs , it is going to be a simple switch to our NVRs . Additionally , most of our smart mobile phone and tablet programs as well as our video administration software integrate our NVRs and IP surveillance cameras too . So it's possible to combine and match up products and even upgrade your current existing system with our NVRs . Most of our bundles come with almost all the required cable , switches as well as anything else you may need to begin . With NVRs starting from 4 to 128 channel and image resolution from 1MP to 4K ( 8MP ) , anyone can possess Hi-def video which was uncommon in recent memory and at costs which are merely a little percent of what they were just a couple years back .

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