CCTV cameras are synonymous with businesses and office environments. Even though they don't have to deal with the same robbery and security dangers as convenience shops or gasoline stations , offices possess distinctive security risks that surveillance video cameras will help protect against .

Key Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business Environments

Client and Employee Protection We all know how important employees and clients are to a healthy business. A CCTV security camera installed in your reception or lobby is great way to safeguard your clients and employees, as well as their belongings.

Ease of install New HD security camera systems can be installed within minutes. New plug and play systems allow you to simply install the cameras and connect them to the digital recorder with no technician required.

Theft Prevention There are times when offices experience theft during the regular business hours, especially those offices located in urban areas. Intruders have been known to come in during hours of lunch and steal co-worker belongings right from their from desks. Installing a surveillance camera that monitors the lobby for activity is a perfect way to help curb this problem.

CCTV Reception Area Risks

Privacy Protection Keep surveillance cameras away from cubicles, private offices, lunch rooms and conference rooms. Install cameras only in those areas such as the lobby and other public spaces.

Outages A blackout or power surge may damage your cameras and can cause interruptions in your video recording. Although it may be rare, these damages do occur, please make sure there is another security system installed as well just in case.

Office Areas and Lobby Configuration

No two businesses are the same and they all vary greatly in security needs and size, and there are several factors that go into the decision when selecting a surveillance system that is right for you. Consider these questions befroe selecting your security cameras:


  • Will security cameras help fix your current problems?
  • Do you have a security system in place now? If so, what kind?
  • Has there been security issues in the past?

Business Location

  • Where is your office or business located (e.g. city, suburbs, country, urban area, rural area)
  • Do you lease or share office space or do you own the building?
  • Do you have several locations or offices located in different areas?


  • What type of business do you conduct?
  • Do you have high traffic or many visitors (e.g. salesmen, patients, clients)?
  • How do you safeguard or protect your documents or records currently?
  • Are your personal or confidential records or even trade secrets accessible to others?


  • How big is your current staff?
  • Do you have after hour services that come into your business?
  • How is employee turnover, is it high?
  • Do you have former disgruntled employees?