Remote Viewing

Access live video from your security system when you're not there using the internet browser-based remote software or free mobile apps.


CCTV CORP mobile apps let you stream live video from your CCTV CORP recorder to your iPhone™, iPad™, or Android™ mobile device. Select either single camera or quad view and easily switch cameras with the swipe of your finger. Monitor your cameras remotely over 3G or anywhere you have Wi-Fi coverage. The mobile app works for a variety of security installations—you can check in on your home security system, or monitor the cameras at your business or office.

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CCTV CORP mobile apps give you anytime, anyplace access to your video surveillance system. The app features a secure login, required for each recorder, for your protection. Use the quick connect list with thumbnail images to easily connect to your recorders for live streaming video over the 3G network or Wi-Fi. To view recorded video, choose the desired time and date, or the event / alarm list gives you quick access to event video.

Eclipse Convenient Access


Use Internet Explorer to access your CCTV CORP recorder remotely. View and search video from any personal computing device including Macintosh computers. You can access live video from your security system using the internet browser-based remote software or free mobile apps. Gain peace of mind knowing that your property and loved ones are safe wherever you are.

CCTV CORP Internet Access


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