Camera Systems

How do I purchase a camera system?

CCTV Corp will work with you to find the best solution for YOUR specific needs.


Why don't I see pricing?

The majority of consumers that purchase camera systems buy the wrong product for their needs. We strongly believe in building a system that is specific to your needs. This does not mean that it is more expensive, it simply means you get the right solution for your property.

We will work directly with you to select and choose the best option for your budget and needs.


Why don't I see camera systems on your site?

Camera system kits or pre-packaged camera systems do not fit everyone's needs. All properties and businesses are different and there is no one fits all solution.

Where to Start

First we will ask you to register with us so we can have direct communication with you.

We will then gather all the necessary information we need to offer you the best solution.


Select The Right Cameras

It all starts with selecting the right cameras for your needs. Day/Night requirements, Infrared distance, resolution, lens size, etc.

We help you select each and every camera based on that cameras specific function and location. You will never overpay for technology you don't need or require. This allows you to get the very best out of your cameras while getting the best possible price.


Selecting your Recorder

There are many things to consider when purchasing your DVR. Camera capacity, Storage time, resolution, recording frame rate, output displays, etc.

We help you select the right DVR for today while considering your options for the future. We will hand select the best DVR based on your needs for your specific project and budget. There is no, "one recorder fits all ".


Cables, Wire, & Peripherals

All cameras systems need cable or wire, hard drives, connectors, plugs and peripherals. We help you select the easiest installation method and accessories to make your project go smoothly.

Once we are done hand picking your solution you will have an official quote ready for you to look over and decide if you would like to move forward. No pressure. YOU decide if CCTV Corp is right for you.

High Resolution Recording

CCTV Corp only sells and offers HD quality cameras. Anything you buy on CCTV Corp is HD.

All our Systems offer Full Remote Access

As long as you have an internet connection you can stay connected with your home or buisness from anywhere

Screen image

Mac Support

Our systems play nice with Apple Mac. You can use your Mac to view your cameras live at any time.

Windows PC Support

We offer Windows PC support as well for remote viewing and managing.

iOS Support

We offer mobile apps for iOS Phones and Tablets

Android Support

We offer apps for Android Phone & Tablets

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications or emails when someone is at your door or movement is detected.

Backup Video

Backup and Playback video remotely from your devices. Never miss a event.

I Need a Camera System. Help Me.

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