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Automating your home on one single application.

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what is megapixall smart home

What is Megapixall Smart Home?

Megapixall Home offers Smart Home products that allow customers to automate their homes directly from their mobile devices. Eclipse Home products can be used in conjunction with Eclipse Signature to offer professional surveillance protection and full home automation.

Megapixall Home is the first Smart Home product to offer an all in one software solution.

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what makes megapixall home different

What is Megapixall Home Different?

Megapixall Home products were developed by a surveillance company, not a retail electronics store. Megapixall offers over 20 years of experience within the surveillance industry and offers products you can trust. Megapixall Home is backed by a 1-year warranty, strong product support so consumers can be confident in our product line. What makes Megapixall Home unique is the ability to integrate all smart home automation products into one single application. All your smart video cameras, smart lighting, smart plugs, and smart locks work together in one application that integrates with our Amazon and Google partnerships.

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amazon and google certified

Amazon and Google Certified Partners

alexa and google certified

Megapixall Home apps are certified by both Amazon and Google to work with their Smart Home devices and applications. You can easily find our Megapixall Eclipse Home app under Amazon Alexa app in their “skills” section and also in the Google Home app under add “new devices”.


Unlike many 3rd party Smart Home re-sellers, Megapixall Eclipse Home is certified by both Amazon and Google. Your customers can purchase Megapixall Smart Home products with confidence knowing we are listed as partners with the largest companies in the world.

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what products does megapixall offer

What products does Megapixall offer?

Megapixall Home offers Smart Home products such as Video Doorbell, Auto-Tracking Dome, Outdoor Bullet and Smart Desktop cameras, as well as Smart Light Bulbs, Smart Light Switches and Smart Plugs.

One app for all products

All Megapixall Home products work under one application so you can easily monitor your Smart Home cameras, turn on your lights, turn on your coffee maker and even ask Alexa to show you who’s at the front door. One app to do it all.

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everything you need on one app

Everything you need right on your phone or tablet.

View and control all your Megapixall Smart Home devices with our Megapixall Home application. Create automation’s and scenes to turn on devices based on time of day or based on another device triggering a group of products. The Megapixall Smart home app allows endless configurations to help automate your home easily.

Download Megapixall Home App from Android Store

Download our Megapixall Home app from the Apple Store or Google Play store and click on register to create an account.

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