MAX-PLEX16Q 1080P TVI / AHD HYBRID DVR + 4 IPC Camera support

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Eclipse CCTV
  • Cameras: Supports 16 HD-COAX Cameras
  • Drive Capacity: 2 Hard Drive Support
• 16 CH TVI/AHD video input, 16 CH 1080P / 720P recording
• Supports 4 CH IPC 3MP / 1080P / 960P / 720P recording 
• H.264 high profile compression format achieves higher quality video at a much lower bit rate 
• Pentaplex: preview, record, playback, backup and remote access
• HDMI 1080P output, true high resolution display
• Powerful smart phone surveillance supporting iPhone and Android
• Complete SDK software available, easy to integrate 

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Professional Grade Recorder for Small Spaces

Eclipse Surveillance Systems are high quality products and are specifically made for every environment in which video surveillance will provide you with a sense of security for your your home , business , or school . With over twenty years of experience and high quality grade performance you will have a durable security systemAll of our systems are come equipped High definition video . We are constantly striving to provide you with the most effective security products available to guarantee the best protection for your loved ones , home or business . You could expect having clear HD video if an event occurs . Eclipse Surveillance merchandise comes with a one year warranty.

16 CH AHD video input, 16 CH 1080P / 720P recording
H.264 high profile compression format
Support 8 CH IPC 3MP / 1080P / 960P / 720P / WD1 / D1 recording
Pentaplex: preview, record, playback, backup and remote access
HDMI 1080P output, true high resolution display
Powerful smart phone surveillance supporting iPhone and Android

Complete SDK software available, easy to integrateSECURITY MEETS YOUR MOBILE LIFE

Our systems allow you to monitor and see al activity at your home or business. Watch your children as they safely come home from school, or when a package is delivered to your door. Keep an eye on your business, or watch your vacation home. With free remote viewing apps, you can see your Eclipse HD video whenever and wherever you need it. In todays world, you can access information at any time, from any location. Get the same access to your Eclipse security video using your phone, tablet, or computer.

myeye iphone app eclipse.png


Our cameras offer video and images with more clarity and detail because of their HD megapixel resolution. With our built in digital zoom function in our smartphone, tablet and PC software you can select specific items within the video frame and zoom-in to better define the details, such as a person s face or a license plate number. A megapixel camera has over 1 million pixels in each image. We also offer cameras in 2MP, 3MP, 5MP and even in 4K 8MP! 1MP resolution is commonly called 720p while 2MP cameras are referred to as 1080p or HD.

digital zoom eclipse.png


Having Eclipse cameras with ability to autofocus simplifies the installation and improves image quality. Most all Security professionals insist on the ease and increased accuracy of auto-focus cameras, which may be installed, focused and refocused over time simply adjusting the camera manually or by using a button within the recorder software, instead of having to physically adjust the lens on the camera. This means better pictures and fewer trips up and down a ladder!

* Available on select models



Varifocal lens cameras from Eclipse allow you to get the exact view you need by zooming in and out using the recorder's software or your mobile phone. A fixed lens camera s view is dictated by how close or far it is from what it is pointed at. With Eclipse varifocal lens cameras you have the power to place the camera where it is most convenient and zoom in on what s most important all from the convenience of your recorder simply by clicking a button.

* Available on select models

Remote controlled zoom.png


  • Motion-Detection with push notifications and email alerts Out of the box, your recorder is set to record video once the Eclipse cameras are plugged in. Motion detection can be turned off for specific cameras or you can set the motion sensing area for a specific camera for more precision. Set up the recorder to send email alerts when a motion event occurs to your mobile device or remote desktop. It s your choice.
  • Scheduling This feature can be used with motion recording. It allows you to maximize storage space by scheduling preset recording periods like day vs. night or weekends. It s your choice.
  • Search Locate stored video based on specific criteria. Motion events are highlighted on a daily time line and listed in an event log by camera for quick searches. You can even search specific time periods. It s your choice.
  • View multiple cameras at the same time - Define the number of cameras to view on one screen. You can select from many options. It s your choice.

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This image depicts the video image difference between various video streaming technologies. Analog systems typically provide top resolution of 960x480 pixels, which is significantly smaller than the image provided by high definition megapixel cameras. High definition is 1920x1080 pixels or higher, similar to a new 1080p HD television.

HD Megapixel.png


Eclipse brings over a decade of collective experience in designing and manufacturing surveillance systems for the professional security industry. Eclipse cameras and recorders are put through the same stringent tests for durability and reliability as professional equipment to ensure peak performance and extended reliability. Eclipse products are supported by our US-based Professional Team and backed by a standard 3-year warranty.

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Eclipse utilizes surveillance-class drives that are designed to provide a long and error-free lifespan while recording and playing video. These professional grade hard drives are designed specifically for 24/7, always on, high definition surveillance security systems. We use only the best components to safeguard your video. Please refer to storage guidelines below for more details on the storage capacity of an Eclipse system. For questions about storage options, please call the Eclipse Support Team.

professional grade hard drives.jpg

Setup Motion Detection

Our Eclipse AHD Systems offer full motion detection recording that allows you to record video for long periods of time. Our support staff is constantly posting videos and updates on how to properly use and program our Eclipse Security Products.


Eclipse systems allow for complete viewing of all stored video via your PC, Mac, Smartphone or tablet. You can even export video clips and backup an incident. Our powerful software allows for complete playback of all cameras and you can even search by event, time, date and even by hour.


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