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IP cameras are measured in Megapixels and offer HD Recording as high as 4K

Digital cameras are measured in megapixel resolution rather than Analog TV Lines. Older analog systems use TV Lines as their measurement for quality and video size. We offer IP security cameras in various resolutions including 1080p 2, 3, 4 & 5 Megapixel and high end 4K 8 and 12 MP.

Once you have selected the IP camera of your choice you will need an NVR to record your cameras. Not all NVRs are created equal and many NVRs on the market record at very low frame rates or low resolutions that often times do not match the high quality of your cameras. It is important to select an NVR that will grow with you and record at real-time 30fps frame rates to avoid skipping or jumping video.

IP cameras transmit digital video over CAT6/5 networking cable

IP cameras are the easiest cameras to install.

IP cameras use Cat5 or Cat6 network cable for transmitting video. This is the very same cable that is often used when connecting computers to your router or switch. The beauty of using this type of wiring is that video, power and audio can all be transmitted over this one cable.  The camera can get power directly from behind your NVR if your NVR has a built in POE power supply or you can use a separate POE switch that also connects to your NVR, This makes installation very easy when compared to coax based systems that need separate wires and cable to transmit power and video.

Save Installation Time

Purchasing an NVR with built in POE allows you to simply run a network wire from your camera directly to your recorder to power and transmit video. It's very simple and plug and play.

Why should I purchase High Definition IP Cameras?

This is a common question asked by many consumers.

Simply, because it's the highest resolution possible.

IP cameras offer the highest resolution and clarity of all security camera options.

Megapixel HD video quality makes a huge difference when you are recording. This extra resolution helps in identifying objects, faces, cars and license plates which is something simply analog cameras cannot do. IP cameras can be higher priced than the alternative technologies but the higher resolution can do the job of 2-3 standard analog cameras simply because of the bigger picture and pixels.

  1. Easy Plug & Play Installation

    Our Megapixall line of IP cameras and NVRs are very easy to install and configure. Simply plug in a single Cat6/5 network cable into our NVR's POE ports and plug in the other end to one of our Megapixall cameras. Follow the easy setup menu to start monitoring and managing your cameras.

  2. Analytics & Reporting

    IP cameras go beyond simply recording and transmitting video. Many of our cameras offer video Video analytics that helps your analyze scenes. You can use analytics such as face detection, line crossing, intrusion detection and even audio detection to better record events and make playback easier.  

  3. Push Notifications

    New NVR and IP cameras allow you to receive instant push notifications to your mobile devices the moment an event occurs. You can receive alerts for motion detection, when someone is at your front door or when someone crosses a specific area of interest. These push notifications allow you to either playback the event or begin to view live video of the camera triggered. 

Dome Camera or Bullet Camera,  which one?

There are many different types of body styles for security cameras.  The most popular styles by far are bullet and dome models. Both camera styles offer weatherproof designs and each offer unique functions.  Bullet cameras are the easiest to install, the base allows for wall and ceiling mounted applications and do not require you to open the camera for adjustment.  Bullet cameras offer long range infrared options and come with various lens size options as well.  Dome cameras can also be hung from a ceiling or be wall mounted and come in vandal proof designs that protect the cameras from being vandalized. Bullet camera can often be hot with an object or moved since the bracket hold the camera in place. Dome's however often need to be opened to install them or to make adjustments and this adds to the install time and effort. on the wall and can be used indoors and outdoors. Some IP Dome cameras are vandal-proof and most of our dome IP cameras are weatherproof.

We offer the same specs and video quality in both dome and bullet styles so you simply must decide on the style you prefer. 

What are Fixed, Varifocal and Mototzoom lenses?

When choosing IP cameras you have 3 choices of lenses.

A Fixed lens is much like your smart phone in the sense that the camera image is fixed and cannot be optically zoomed in. It cannot be changed.

Vari-focal and Motozoom lenses allow you to adjust the lens much like a DSLR camera. You can start with a wide angle view and gradually zoom in to get a tighter and closer image. Based on the camera you select you can either do this manually or electronically through a web browser, mobile phone or through your NVR menu controls. A normal vari-focal camera must be changed manually at the camera while a motozoom camera allows you to make these changes remotely. 

What are Smartcams & Webcams?

Security camera terminology can be very confusing. Cameras use various different names. Most confuse IP cameras or network cameras as webcams or smart cams. Though they all use the internet to stream video, they work totally differently.


Smartcams work without an NVR. You do not need an NVR to record video as you can use SD storage inside the camera to record video. The camera can be programmed directly from your mobile device and allows your to stream video remotely just like an IP camera but without the need for a recorder. Smartcam typically work on Wi-Fi and very simple to setup and program. They are perfect for the DIY consumer.  

Easy DIY Cameras with no NVR needed.

Drastically reduce the time it takes to install a security camera system with Smartcams. Record directly on the camera and setup takes minutes.

Smart Cams are perfect for DIY Installs

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