Understanding the different camera types can be difficult. Here are the most common camera types offered in surveillance.


Dome cameras may be installed on the ceiling or wall and typically can be used indoor and outdoor. These cameras offered in both IP and HD Coax. Depending on the model and style type you may have to remove the dome cover to make lens adjustments. Domes are aesthetically pleasing and usally are installed on the eaves or indoors on the ceiling.

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Bullet cameras offer the same picture quality as dome cameras. There is no resolution advantage. They are simply a different design type. Bullets are usally easier to adjust in the sense that you do not need to open the camera to adjust the lens, the adjustments are usally outside of the camera. They tend to be easier to install since the bracket is exposed and the drill holes are easy to get to.


No matter the style camera or technology type one option you will have will be your choice of lens. I fixed lens camera will offer an image that comes fixed from factory much like an image from your iPhone when you take video. An adjustable lens will allow you to manually adjust the lens to get a closer image for more detail. One example would be to use an adjustable lens to get a closer image of a gate or narrow hallway.

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Infrared distance is important for thos cameras that will monitor areas where there is little to no lighting. Consider the area you would like to monitor and record and measure the distance you feel you need to be able to see. Keep in mind that height of the camera when installed will need to be deducted from your total distance need.


Motorized zoom cameras are the latest in technology. They allow you control the lens remotely from your DVR, smartphone, tablet or PC without needing to get on a ladder to make a manual adjustment. This makes installations far easier and this gives you the added bonus of controlling your lens at anytime. So if you would like a wider image or closer view of an object you can simply adjust the lens with a push of a button.

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Similar to motorized zoom cameras these camera types allow you to fully control the lens adjustment from your DVR, smartphone, tablet or PC but with the added bonus of allowing you to fully move the camera itself left, right, up or down as well. You can move the cameras 360 degrees in any direction. Newer PTZ cameras are very small and offer customers the ability to fully keep on eye on their property.


You have several choices when selecting cameras with audio. Most outdoor cameras will not have a built in microphone because the elements would destroy the microphone. Some outdoor cameras, do however offer audio inputs so you may install a seperate microphone close by and away from harsh weather. Some indoor models do have microphones built in and allow you to listen in at anytime at your DVR, Smartphone, Tablet or PC all while recording both video and audio 24/7.

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