HD-COAX Camera Option

HD Coax is the latest in Hi-Definition Video Surveillance. Using traditional coax cable to deliver HD video just like your cable company.


HD Coax systems offer HD Video Resolution and Recording over standard coax cable. These system require very little programming or setup and work right out of the box. They are virtually plug and play. Most HD Coax security cameras come in either 720P or 1080P HD resolution and offer vast amount of options.

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HD Coax is the perfect option for customers looking to install a new home security system. These systems come with everything you need right out of the box and show video as soon as you connect your cameras to the system. Coax systems offer very little setup or programming and offer a realtime live view of HD video that is uncompressed.


The great thing about HD Coax systems is the fact that they use the same coax cable and wiring as older analog systems. This means that you can simply change out your older cameras with new HD coax camerasand have an instant HD system. You will need to also replace the older analog recorder with a new HD recorder but you will save on having to re-wire your home for a newer system.
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Many of our CCTV Corp HD coax systems are also Hybrid capable. This means that they also work with older analog cameras as well as newer HD coax cameras. You can take advantage of your existing cameras while simply adding some new HD cameras to your new system. As your older analog cameras begin to go out you simply swap the older cameras for new HD coax ones within minutes.


CCTV Corp HD Coax Systems offer HDMI and VGA outputs for Hi-Definition live video. Simply connect DVR to your television or to a computer monitor to begin watching live HD video.

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CCTV Corp offers industry leading tech support. Our support staff are all former installers and integrators and understand your questions. Our support staff is 100% USA based and is available to help you via phone, live chat or email.


CCTV Corp products are backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty. CCTV Corp offer best in class products and offers over 20 years of experience and takes pride in offering the best in consumer security products.
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The suite of free mobile applications enables anytime, anywhere access to your video system. Users of iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™ mobile devices will enjoy the ability to easily connect, view live video, search video, and configure the NVR. The security  video system may also be accessed remotely using Internet Explorer to view and search video from any personal computing device.

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